Sep 11, 2015

Winding Down For the Weekend.

The weather yesterday was too good to be wasted indoors under the shadows of columns of packing cartons and empty built in robes.  

Channeling Pharell.

So after a spot of housework, Toddler SSG and I drove to our favourite park and managed to score a prime parking spot just across the road from its entrance.

There's a lot to be said for simply standing in a wide open space with the blue sky above you, the sun on your face and the rustle of a gentle breeze through the trees around you.

After a quick circuit of the play equipment, we took our shadows for a few gentle laps of the soccer field - stopping every so often for some giggles / breath catching.

One of the first things we'll have to do in the new 'hood will be to explore any parks within walking distance of our house.

There has been so much confronting and depressing news making the headlines (that's hopefully been making us all think, feel and act) of late so it's been lovely to discover a few things that have made me smile as well.
First up, the new iPhones.  Yes, I'll be pre-ordering sometime after 5.01pm on Saturday 12/9/15 (Toddler SSG willing).  I'm thinking of going large and going gold with the 6s Plus.  Probably not as blinged up as the phone in this photo but gold all the same.  I just can't decide if I should get a flip open case or not....

The specifics of Apple's cutting edge, ground breaking new technology aren't the primary reason motivating my pre-order, I just want a phone that will turn off, be in the right time zone and have adjustable volume for the youTube clips I've been watching as I shuffle through this house move.

Speaking of youTube clips, I have more fun from the goldmine that is US night time talk shows.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake performing another installment of their 'History of Rap' series.  Just in time for the Friday wind down and to get you in the mood for the drive home to R'n'B Friday on the radio if you're an East Coast reader.

A lot of adult colouring in for mindfulness has been going down during Move-tember.

Often, a little precariously, whilst being put on hold during move related phone calls.

Unfortunately, disaster struck the other day when I managed to lose a black pencil.  Which required me to make an emergency trip to Big W for a replacement.  At least I managed to get a rare as hen's teeth gold pencil in amongst the 11 other pencils so it wasn't a complete double up of all the colours I already own.

On the subject of adults meddling in what are traditionally 'children's' interests, us older generation have created all kinds of Australian shortages in things.  Nutella is in short supply due to our obsession with donuts and artery clogging drinks that use it as a key ingredient.  And now, it seems, we've stuffed up the nation's supply of 36 - 48 shade sets of coloured pencils.  The displays instore and online at numerous outlets all say the same thing 'Out Of Stock'.  If you head to Ebay, prices are in the $30 range for them.  It's ridiculous but the adult colouring inners who might be reading (rather than colouring) right now, you'll understand that it's a price worth paying.

I've just realised something.  The main feature of this photo of my Victoria's Secret should've been the free shipping codes and not the sports bras.  I'll get the codes for you and update the post tonight.  But yes, I'm a huge fan of their sports gear.  It's well made, fits well (most are sized as bra sizes rather than just S/M/L)  and copes well with my front loader.  

And here are the codes, valid until December 2015 by the looks of things.

If you can get past the sometimes intimidating photos of the models on the website, you'll be well rewarded because the range is huge in comparison to what you might be used to in the Australian market.  I especially like how well the sports bra tab is organized.  There's plenty of information with regard to fit, colours, level of support, special features and customer reviews.  prices are listed in Australian dollars which is handy.  Prices are around $10 or so more than the like of Lorna Jane but with the discounts that regularly appear on the website, it shouldn't hurt as much.

And that's a wrap from me this afternoon.  After a busy week, I'm hoping for an early and quiet start to the weekend.

Take care and enjoy the flowers that are blooming all over the city right now.  Blooming everywhere, though accurate, just didn't seem to sound that good for that last sentence.

Signing off without my auto signature because I lost it while trying to paste in the Jimmy Fallon clip.

SSG xxx


  1. Hope all the moving stuff goes well this weekend for you! We are having so much hassle trying to find a new place, as parks are a very important must-have for us. But we also don't want to move any further out from the city than we are already....parks are a bit limited around here! The hunt is taking longer than expected. Hopefully we will find (and agree) on the perfect place soon. We've narrowed down our search area but it's difficult waiting for the right houses to pop up there, haha. And then the moving on top of that - I hope you share some tips after your successful move! :)

  2. Move, move like the wind!
    Gold pencil! Pic of the result, ploise

  3. Moving can be so dang disorienting! Let the gold pencil guide you from now on;).


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