Oct 21, 2015

New Furniture. My New Size Zero Toilet Paper Rolls.

Don't you love the problems that this time of year brings to one's workplace?

It's been such a great blueberry season so far this year that Toddler SSG and I have become used to having them as part of our regular fruit rotation at home.  I don't remember local blueberries ever being as abundant, well priced and all round delicious as they have been this year.  The only hitch is trying to eat a punnet that you just ducked the road to buy at work.  You know how it is with work issue paper towels.  It doesn't matter how many you use, they never seem to blot as well as the roll you have at home on the kitchen bench.  And there's never a spare, clean colander  in the cupboard with which to drain your berries either.  But I got there in the end without flooding the kitchen or ruining the office carpet.

I got a bit touristy again yesterday on my day off.  I went for a swim at Cooke + Phillip on College Street.  Taking the bus in from home is actually the least stressful and most cost effective way for me to get to the pool, I've decided.  It also has the added advantage of giving my pilgrimage to the lap pool an air of adventure as I share the bus with people dressed for the beach and older locals immaculately dressed for a day out at the museums and galleries in the city.

The pool's cafe does a superior skinny cap that comes with free friendly service.  There aren't that many places in the CBD where you can kick back with a $3.80 large coffee as you sit among poolside deckchairs with the steeples of St Mary's Cathedral soaring heavenward above you.

Coincidentally, my bus stop for the ride home doubles as one for the hop on and hop off bus tour of Sydney and Bondi.  It's hard not to feel a little foot loose and fancy free when you're surrounded by people committed to having a good time despite the peak hour congestion.

Back at SSG Manor 2.0, the oddly angled corner of my bedroom has finally found its purpose thanks to this Albero coat stand and ladder shelf from Mocka.  Priced at $89.95 each, they've created storage and order in an area of my room I've been struggling to make good use of.  All you need to assemble the coat stand is an Allan key (included in the box) and a Phillips head screwdriver for the shelving.  I didn't find either too hard to assemble on my own but I did have trouble getting the front edges of the shelves to screw in tightly.  But it was nothing a little Blu Tak at the end of the screw couldn't fix and the shelves have stood up to my piling perfume bottles and other bits and pieces on them without collapsing.

My eyes weren't deceiving me at the shops on Saturday, after all, our toilet paper rolls really have been downsized.  I was thinking that the multipacks on display were looking a little size zero bony (without any accompanying price reduction) and the disparity became even more obvious when I was restocking the cupboards this morning.

Look at them!!  My new lot are around two thirds the size of the roll from the last batch I bought at Costco.  I'm not sure what to make of this.  I know it was really actually 'good for us' when chocolate and chips started being sold in smaller serves but toilet paper?  It hadn't ever crossed my mind to think about whether I should be cutting back on the toilet paper....

What's your take on the shrinking of Australia's toilet paper rolls?  Is it better for the environment?  Will is help Kleenex maintain their profit margins?  Should we make do with less?  Is this a sign that I have to hit up Costco for loo rolls next week?


  1. Oh I'm curious about our toilet rolls now too, haha! I thought we were going through them so quickly because you need a bathroom break every half an hour or so when you're pregnant, but maybe not, maybe it's teeny tiny rolls!

    I like your ladder shelf too, I was looking for something like that to store my bags on when I had my dressing room. it's baby's nursery now, but maybe our next place will have a walk in wardrobe I can put something like this in!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. For me, I use the blueberry punnet as a colander.
    Great life hack.
    Greetings from Penang x

  3. My eternity ring is from James Allen...a bit of a leap of faith buying it online! However - the diamonds are super sparkly and the ring is beautiful. I'd buy again from them...providing the USD doesn't keep falling!


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