Nov 11, 2015

Dreamfarm. Self Gifting. Loving the Fish At Woolies.

I bet you'll never guess what I've got on the end the tap in my bathtub....

It's a  Dreamfarm Tapi!  As this little video demonstrates, a Tapi allows you to have a drink straight from your tap without having to dislocate your neck to get good alignment between the water and your mouth or getting your hands too wet by cupping them under the tap.

It looks like a great idea and the Dreamfarm site features lots of great inventions I'm planning to gift this Christmas but I'm still trying to figure out why the previous owner decided to put one in the bath tub rather than on the vanity tap.  Did they also have a toddler they were trying to get to embrace toothbrushing by attempting to get it done in the bath?

Speaking of Christmas gift shopping.  I've been at it again this evening.  I've found the perfect gift for my sister in law.  The 2015 L'Occitane Advent Calender ($70 AUD).  I won't lie, a bit of one for you and one for me shopping went on with this one.  Anyway.  My sister in law is a huge fan of the brand and I thought the daily surprises behind each window would be a lovely treat just for her to enjoy during my nephew's daily cat nap.

I have a new family member here at SSG Manor 2.0.  Meet Barry from Ireland.

He's the biggest brand of tea in Ireland and you can meet him in the International food aisle at your local Woolies, under the Irish flag.   He's got a rich, yet mellow taste.  It's like drinking a steaming cup of Maeve Binchy novel, actually.  But don't tell Barry I said as much. He might take it the wrong way.

From the aisles of Woolworths, I also bring you news of the seafood that's on offer.  Since moving, I've not only spent a lot of time at Woolies, I've also eaten my way through most of their seafood meal options (and that's not counting the sushi counter).  Jamie Oliver's Double Cheese Potato Bake ($13.99 for a two portion tray) is the best frozen seafood meal I've tried.

It actually comes out of the oven looking like real food.

The potato topping crisps perfectly and there's just enough bite and seasoning to the sauce.  Sure, the fish pieces are few and far between but it's a lovely tasting bake with a generous blend of actual vegetables studding the sauce. 

I can also vouch for the range of DeCosti marinated fish fillets over in the refrigerator section next to the fresh fish.  They bake in 15 minutes and my favourite flavour is the salmon in mustard and dill.

And last but not least, the Bag and Bake range of seafood has saved my bacon (apologies for the mixed metaphor) on many a hectic after work rush to get dinner on the table.  All you need to do is select your fresh fish from the display, then your choice of marinade and it'll all be put in an oven bag for you.  The bag comes with heat and time suggestions based on the weight of fish bought.  It's foolproof and even easier than my other default dinner of cheese and tomato toasties...

This post could've been sponsored by Woolworths but it hasn't been.  I'm just a bit overexcited at having found so many easy fish options for dinner that don't involve epic road trips to the Pyrmont Fish Market.

Are you a fan of the seafood at Woolworths?

Have you started your Christmas gift shopping?

Am I too excited about Christmas already?


  1. Oh I love a fish pie, even a pseudo one like this. Thanks for posting about it, I'll give that a try! :)

  2. Yes, big fan of Woolies seafood. Have tried Jamie Oliver chicken from Woolies & kids have given it a big tick!
    Love your enthusiasm about Christmas! What's not to love? Holidays, family, food, friends & gifts. Den x

  3. I love advent calenders & the L'Occitane one looks too cute for words!
    Did you get the Lego one this time around?


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