Nov 10, 2015

Internet, SSG Manor 2.0 Has Found Its Wifi. In My Activewear....

And then this happened....

Internet, SSG Manor has found its Wifi.  And not before time.  It's probably more a reflection of me rather than than just the fully networked world we live in but seeing my modem flicker green and my cordless phone blink contentedly next to it represents the final step to our having Really Moved In to SSG Manor 2.0.  Sure we need a clothesline, someone to come over and prune that unruly hedge (again) and a car port of some description but readers, we're finally connected to the rest of the world in a manner that's far more cost effective than relying on my mobile phone allowance (which I've already breached by 21% with 15 days until my next billing cycle begins).

The last few weeks have seen me go on a kind of technology detox as dictated by the amount of data remaining on my mobile plan.  On the positive side, I've been social networking much less than usual and (I like to think) going for quality over quantity with my posts shares.  The negatives have been mostly work and personal admin related.  Being a part timer at work, sending emails and reading up on things from home has been one way I've managed to keep on top of things on the days I'm officially in.  You have no idea how insanely excited I am to be sending my next work handover email from my laptop rather than trying to two finger type it on my iPhone with its autocorrect that's less intelligent than Apple might have lead me to believe.

With SSG Manor 2.0 up and running in a technology related sense, I'm looking forward to doing all those things I took for granted in my life before I lost my wifi.  Cooking recipes from my iPad, online shopping from the sofa, reading the paper in bed on those luxurious mornings when Toddler SSG is having a sleep in and I'm not actually in a rush to get a head start on the working day.

I know I went on a bit a few paragraphs ago about how being without wifi had curtailed my online shopping but essential purchases had to be made and then picked up from the post office because for some reason, Manor 2.0 always looks unoccupied to the postie despite Toddler SSG putting his newly expanded vocabulary to good use at the top of his voice in the kitchen...

The good thing about new nephews is that you get to buy Wedgwood 'First Christmas' carousels all over again.  I was too quick, just looked online again and they're $10 off what I got them for last week.  For some reason, these ornaments weren't online at Myer or DJs this year but I have heard that they are in store and selling fast.  Anyway, I got mine from the Wedgwood online store and have even managed to post out one to my Perth Nephew.

I know.  I.  Know.  Activewear.

I've been such a loud advocate for the cheap and cheerful at Big W, Cotton On and Mix Apparel for years now but I got sucked into the orbit of Planets Lorna and Lulu.  So many justifications.

  • I'm getting on a bit and need the exoskeleton like support and figure flattery Lorna and Lulu seem to guarantee with each pair of their tights you buy.  
  • Cost per wear will see my new miracle tights practically pay for themselves.  On my days off, there's no time to change after working out, it's go, go, go all day with the toddler and the house until dinner time.  Invest most in what you wear most, as they say.
  • I'm a tiny bit motivated by the positivity behind Move, Nourish, Believe.  Just a tiny bit...
Goes without saying that I'm officially Team Lorna, then.  I did try Lulu Lemon tights on the other day but their gym gear doesn't fit me as well as their yoga stuff.  The 7/8 lengths are a bit long on me, the legs flare out a bit too much at the calf and the designs just don't seem to work with the tops I already own.

Besides working well with what I already have, Lorna Jane also has a points for purchase loyalty system.  They also have excellent phone support should you stuff up your online order.  The lovely person I spoke to was able to correct my order before it shipped over the phone in one quick call.

Now that I've got my new tights, I've done a bit of a cull of my old and saggy gym wear and I'm positive that my Lornas are going to make me LOVE burpees and push ups tomorrow....



  1. I just cannot bring myself to pay the $$ for Lorna or Lulu, except for when there is a sale.
    I find the motivational things a bit twee.
    I would like "get off yo fat ass if you don't wanna have a heart attack", personally.
    for #activewear, I like black, as it looks badass, all the other kids at xfit wear black and it hides a multitude of sins.

    1. With you on the powers of black tights, C!

      I have to admit, your motivational message does have more pull than some of the touchy feely stuff...

      SSG xxx

  2. IMHO their stuff is overpriced (both LL and LJ) and I don't think either brand are great advocates for body acceptance.

    Those Wedgewood 'First Christmas' ornaments are cute! What a great gift idea.

    1. Good point about body acceptance, Elle. I wonder if either brand would ever be 'brave' enough to feature people of a broader range of body types in their advertising. Walk the talk and all...

      All is not lost, I'm only investing in spendy tights. Everything else will remain sensibly priced...

      SSG xxx

  3. Yey for wifi!

    I decided to invest in a pair of spendy leggings for my personal trainer sessions, and I understood the appeal right away after trying them on and attending a few sessions on them. With the recent knee injury and then pregnancy, I can't do HIIT anymore, so it was a bit of a waste of money...I guess if you do it regularly it's a worthy investment, but I'm wishing I'd never bought!

  4. PS: I really like Lorna Jane's approach to inspiration, motivation and encouragement. As a business owner and visionary she's a favourite of mine. But I actually LOVE the Cotton On active wear range. They are half the price and they seem to hold everything nice and firm. Match made in heaven!

    1. Leanne, just looking at the Cotton On Activewear range now. Love the look of the tank tops actually.

      SSG xxx

    2. I've honestly never found the Cotton On Activewear range to hold up to regular wear and washing though. I have LJ tights from 4 years ago that still look as good as they did when I bought them, whereas the CO ones have sagged, lost their shape and support. LJ is expensive, but I think cost per wear makes it worth it.


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