Nov 14, 2015

Peace for Paris. #PorteOuvert. All the Cities.

It's hard to know what to write or share about Paris and life in general on a Saturday like this.

Australia woke to the news of co-ordinated terror attacks across a youth orientated area of Paris and also at the stadium where a soccer match between France and Germany was being played.

Many have shared their happy memories of this beautiful city and its people on social media today. Many others have asked for prayers not only for Paris but also for those conflict devastated nations for whom today was pretty much business as usual.

There have been considered speeches from world leaders, analysis in the media and further debate about how to control extremists and to suppress radicalisation.

For me, the most powerful symbols of today have been what the French have done for themselves.  Showing unity as they sang the national anthem on leaving the Stade de France as the aftermath of the attacks began to be broadcast online and on air.

A Twitter image of Jean Jullien's symbol of peace for Paris.
Creating their own symbol of what Paris (and France) stands for.

And using social media for the greater good.  The hashtag #PorteOurverte is a campaign whereby locals use Twitter to advise that they have shelter at their homes for anyone who may be stranded in the aftermath of the terror attacks.
It's not just peace for Paris that we should be standing and praying for.  It's peace for all of us.  Not just those of us living in cities with iconic pieces of architecture than can be lit up in blue, red and white.  All the cities.  All the people.  All the religious faiths.


  1. A very well written post SSG! Being away for the weekend I've only caught glimpses of the news. After a day of fun, friends and food, coming back to the hotel and seeing the news puts it in perspective and makes us realise how lucky we are. Today was a lot of visiting French restaurants and cafes we knew of in Melbourne, our little way to show solidarity.

    In the face of such things, all you can keep doing is what you've always done, and not let the evil win. There is a lot of evil in this world, but there is a lot of good too.

  2. Dear SSG
    Agree totally. Peace and justice for all.
    Jo x


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