Dec 3, 2015

Hot Air. Zoodles.

I know it's impossible to believe but I only bought 2 (that's right only two) things over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday long weekend of ridiculously good bargains.  And as luck would have it, they both arrived in the post and over the fence (must be the way things are done around here) making it one of those great mail days we all need at this time of the year.

The first item up for discussion today is my Babyliss and Rusk The Volumiser hot air brush.  I purchased it from Adore Beauty using a VIP code a kind friend lent me.  Adore usually sell it for $119 but with the VIP code, I got mine for $101.15 exactly.  With free shipping as per Adore's policy of giving this on all orders over $50.  I also got a couple of Dermalogica samples for me and a single serve Tim Tam for Toddler SSG.

I first got a bee under my bonnet about hot air brushes when long time reader of the blog, nancyblackett told me how hers changed her hairstyling at home life.  I'll be straight with you, my progress with a good old brush, hair dryer and sectioning clips hasn't been as quick as I had hoped.  Then the Adore code happened in a moment of serendipity.  And the rest is history.

First Impressions
The Volumiser is light weight and not as clumsy to use as it might appear.  The 50mm barrel lets you style large sections of hair at a time and because the bristles are so soft, you don't run the risk of the brush getting stuck and tangled in your hair.  The brush also comes with a slide on plastic case to protect the bristles during storage.

The power cord swivels which makes it easier to maneuver in cramped locations like in front of my bathroom mirror.

The slide on and off power switch is a cinch to use one handed.  The up and down buttons select the direction the brush rotates.  There are two heat settings and the brush rotates faster on the higher setting.  There's also a cool setting.

Putting it to the test

I found this Youtube video produced by BaByliss which was very helpful to me as though a hairdresser is co hosting, he actually gets his beauty blogger co host to do her hair herself.  The hairdresser admits that it's almost impossible for most of his clients to get a salon blow dry at home on their own.  The Volumiser (an earlier model is featured in the video) aims to provide just that and you can get a bit of wave and a curl at the ends of your hair which for many of us is a darn sight more than what we get when we use our hairdryers.

I was pleasantly surprised with how my first go at The Volumiser went this afternoon.  Running the spinning brush through your hair a few times before actually doing any curling really does help.  It also means that you don't have to put the styler down to reach for a brush or comb to prep each new section of hair.  So not only does the brush do much of the work of co-ordinating heat and brush direction for you, it also saves you time with the finicky in between bits that people like me fumble around with for twice as long as doing the actual blow dry.

Even with my thick and coarse hair, I found myself with volume at the crown and nice flicks in my ends.  My hair had shine to it and despite all the brushing, it didn't feel fried to a crisp.

Final thoughts

I'm really glad I bought this hot air brush and would like to thank Nancy again for giving me the heads up.  $120 is expensive for a hair appliance but at least it's not as much as some of the flat irons or hot curler sets on the market at the moment.  The brush is so easy to use that I'll definitely use it on a regular basis.  I have no expectations of every being able to make my hair look as perfect as Leo does but least when I blow dry my hair now, it does his cut justice.

In my other piece of good mail news, I'd like to thank my friend B for having such great taste in leather skirts.  I've been looking for one all through winter and nothing I could find was really what I had in mind.  Enter B and this Carven skirt that she needed to find a new home for.  It fits me prefectly and is a great length.  The leather is also buttery soft.  I've got Winter 2016 in the bag with this skirt as a key player in it.

It was a big day in my journey towards cleaner eating.  I had zucchini 'pasta' aka zoodlesfor lunch today.  Vegetables masquerading as pasta has been one of those things that's bugged me for a long time.  It just doesn't seem right, somehow.  I love pasta for the carb hit it gives me.  Its comforting, firm texture and the way its relative blandness soaks up the sauce it is served with.

Along with a range of other nourishing lunch options from About Life.

I took along one of my Merryteasers for the ride as well.  I'm being dramatic.  The zucchini wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  It was very cold (well duh, it was in the fridge all morning) and the basil pesto it was served with made it taste more decadent than it was.  Always a win with clean living foods.  About Life do a raw lasagna too but I don't know if I'm Demi Moore enough to give it a go.

Have you tried raw lasagna?

Is it wrong or hypocritical to start planning your Christmas Day cheese platter on the same day you eat zucchini pasta for lunch?

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  1. Oh I'm glad that brush is working for you! I had something like that when I was younger and I could never get the results I wanted, I guess things have come a long way now though! My brush never rotated for starters!

    I've yet to try zucchini pasta, but as I don't like zucchini I don't have high hopes for it :P


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