Dec 16, 2015

Water, Water Everywhere and Nowhere.

It's one of the ironies of living in our lucky country, isn't it.

Image from the ABC News.

tornado warning has been issued for our city today as the heavens opened over my dirty car (before I even had to think about going and getting it washed).  The news websites are awash with images of impressively ominous looking storm clouds sweeping across Sydney.

While it was only yesterday afternoon that I spent an awful lot of time silently cursing having the water supply cut to the house due to emergency repairs.

It really makes you think about a life without a predictable and reliable supply of clean water.  I was in a wretched state for the measly two hours without water.  I huffed up to the shops to get a 4 litre bottle of water to see us through the night.  I even picked up some takeaway on the way home because cooking was of course impossible as was then having to deal with dishes and cutlery that needed washing.  Then I flounced home and fumed for a bit at the thought of going without a hot shower for one night.  My skin felt wretched under the remains of the day's makeup and a film of perspiration (okay, lots of sweat if we're to be brutally honest) on my skin from the gym.

But happily, it wasn't to be after all.  Our water supply was restored, we had our steamy hot showers and now I have emergency water ready for the next mishap to hit our street.  There really never is a dull moment living around here.  And while the inconvenience rates off the scale for me each time things like this happens, it really only is an inconvenience.  It's not how life is for me for every endless minute of every day like it is for millions in countries not as lucky as mine.

Our spontaneous trip down to the shops revealed some exciting changes to the construction site across from the supermarket.  It's now no longer a construction site but an actual building full of shops, a library, a convenient walk way through to the main street and the bus stop....

and these beaut looking escalators that are probably being secured against people like Toddler SSG for whom they are an open invitation to climb.

In a strange way, seeing the development evolve from rubble and a construction site to what it is now has given me a sense of belonging here in the new 'hood.  Like I've been part of the history that shapes the place.  Do you ever feel that way with developments that spring up where you live?

Speaking of history, that was where I shopped for yesterday's outfit.  On my feet were those amazing leopard print Stuart Weitzman's I scored at a ridiculous discount from the rather chi chi David Jones in Claremont back in Perth.  On my legs were a pair of black skinnies from GAP in New York, the Harlem store to be precise.

I know.  I love a skinny mirror myself but this one's really playing tricks with light and angles.  The top's from Uniqlo bought on a ridiculously hot day that I believe was the day after Boxing Day 2015.  The bangle is old school horn from Mai Tai's Collection.

I'll be off then, there's a tornado and a storm to stalk online via the weather report.

Stay safe and stay dry!


  1. I saw the tornado thingy in NSW! Stay safe and dry too!

  2. You look incredibly skinny! Good luck with the tornado, I hope it comes to naught.

  3. Stay safe with the tornado! It sounds very scary, and the storm clouds don't look very reassuring!

    You're right too, minor inconveniences make us appreciate what we have, and we do have an awful lot to be thankful for.


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