Dec 28, 2015

What 2015 Meant to Me.

2015, we've been good for each other and I'm a little sorry to see you leaving so soon.  I've just read over my previous year in review blog posts and they've all been so earnest and introspective which reflected where I was when I wrote the posts but this year's been different.  It's been life lived refreshingly at face value.  No hidden agendas, no hidden meanings.  The good's been good, the bad's been bad.  I've lived it all in the moment and with a clear head and heart.  And it's been remarkably refreshing despite the chronic lack of sleep that I'm slowly getting used to.

So let's get started on what 2015 meant to me.

From vases of sunflowers on cafe long tables,

to the comforting hug of brilliant sunshine on difficult days, I've felt love and light on each and every one of your 365 days.

You've brought me wanderlust and a sense of adventure (via the kick arse GPS in my car) as I've set about exploring new (to me) corners of this city who has been so good to me.

As you leave, I'd be grateful if you could hand over some consumer feedback to the incoming 2016.  Keep up the good work with bringing new friends and good people into my life.  If I could have a couple each year for the rest of my days, I'll be very happy indeed.

It's a rare year indeed that provides nothing but positive major life events.  Toddler SSG started daycare earlier this year and his new friends and teachers have taught him so much about life and learning.

The circle of life brought me back to one of the first places I ever worked at in Sydney and it felt like a reunion with old friends over numerous cups of excellent coffee that Balmain is famous and loved for.

New York City was as exciting to visit this year as it was that first time back in 1999.

Much like Sydney, there's always something new to see and do.

But there's also a sense and depth of history deeper than the 200 or so years young that European colonised Australia is.

A visit home to Perth was restorative.

And I became an aunty twice over this year as well.

Buying double of everything still hasn't lost its novelty.

2015 was a year I reached a few personal milestones.

Turning forty wasn't as scary as it might have been.  It's the new thirty as far as I'm concerned which then runs contrary to my other thought about how age is really just a number.  Whatever.  With so many life events done  and dusted, all that's really left to do with my life is to continuing living every moment of it as fully as I can.  Armed with the age related resilience, persistence and self belief that are compensation for a body that's getting on a bit and a mind that's carrying a fair bit of responsibility.

And of course, there was that moment I held the new keys for the first time.  Keys that to me have symbolised every possible cliche riddled meaning that keys could possibly have.  To the city, to the future, to success, happiness and joy.

In a way, 2015, you have also been a key to all of the above.  So thank you, godspeed and goodbye.


  1. gorgeous reflections on the year that was.. May 2016 shed the sunshine on you that your blog gives your readers. Thanks for remaining one of my favourite reads X Elise

  2. Such a lovely look back on your year SSG! I'm glad that it's been good to you! :)

    Here's hoping 2016 is full of all of the best things 2015 had and then more :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I should reflect too - still haven't had the time...I wish you and yours a fabulous 2016 with many more keys too :)

  4. Lovely summary SSG. I hope 2016 is just as good - and I hope to see you!

  5. May 2016 bring you more of the same! It's lovely to hear someone happy.

  6. Happy New Year to you SSG. I look forward to reading of the adventures that await in 2016!

  7. Sounds like 2015 was a watershed in optimism and new beginnings. Have a wonderful 2016


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