Dec 2, 2015

Winding Down and Zhooshing Up.

We've finally hit that sweet spot at work where things are winding down for the Christmas / New Year break.

And while we all work together incredibly well as a team when numbers are through the roof, having this brief lull in the year allows us to enjoy each other's company at work as well.  Quick chats over mugs of catering quality tea, coffee runs down the road or an impromptu singalong to some of the best artists the seventies gave us - it's lovely being able to walk to the car park after work with some pep left in your step.

And did I need that pep for the rest of the afternoon.

I managed to get my hands on a jam sponge roll for the SSG Manor 2015 Edition Trifle.  Jam sponges and plain sponges seem to be thin on the ground at supermarkets these days.  Coles and Woolworths used to have them both as star products at their in store bakeries but not these days.  I had to search hard in the long life bread and wraps aisle to find mine today.

And then it was around the corner to Aldi to get a couple of things to Toddler SSG's Christmas present stash.  Actually, this is the sum total of the present stash this year because everything else that I bought earlier in the year and hid in supposedly top secret hiding spots around the house no longer lives in those top secret hiding spots.  Because Toddler SSG found every last one of them.  So I've tried to be resourceful with this latest haul and have hidden them somewhere I'm pretty sure he won't be looking - in my wardrobe.  I managed to sneak into the house before Toddler SSG so fingers crossed my hiding spot evades him for the next 23 days.

After all of that, there was nothing for it but to get a Dr Oetker from out of the freezer for dinner.

Zhooshed up with a roma tomato cut by my very own hand and artfully garnished by Toddler SSG.

Since I'm riding the Christmas train with feeling this year, I'm going to end off tonight with this vintage Spice Girls for Tesco Christmas ad.


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  1. Clive of India tea, eh? Never seen that. Clive of India is all about the curried eggs and sausages.


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