Jan 1, 2016

Hello 2016!!

Hello and welcome to a happy and new year.  Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post and I hope you're having a wonderful few days off filled with family, friends and lazy days.

I'm liking what I've seen of 2016 so far, I have to say.  I'm starting the year in excellent form with a good coffee, a pastry and a bit of a relax in the company of everything I love about life. 

The garden's getting a bit of a makeover thanks to my mum and a trip to Bunnings.

We've been out embracing the some spectacular Sydney summer weather at the park.

And there's been lots of pottering about and spontaneous trips here and there for treats with grandma.

With New Years Eve also being Toddler SSG's birthday, the day now holds all sorts of powerful emotions and memories for me.   It was even more so yesterday because I was literally back where it all began way back in 2012.  I clocked on for work at the same hospital Toddler SSG was born.  Albeit on a very different ward from delivery and in a completely different context but I could have sworn I felt a few twitches in my lower back as I swiped in.

I can't help but say the same things every year as I swipe back to his newborn photos on my phone.  The ones where we're both looking a little the worse for wear from giving birth and being born.  And then the ones where he's looking perfect from being born and I'm still looking a little the worse for wear.  Where did the last year go?  Where has that little baby gone?  But yet, I can still see catch a glimpse of that sleeping newborn face when I give my sleeping toddler one last kiss at night before I head to bed myself.

With a bottle of hundreds and thousands in your pantry, anything is possible.  Like making supermarket cup cakes look birthday ready.

It's the lot of people born during the holidays to have their birthday celebrations rostered to accommodate the comings and goings of everyone else during Christmas and New Year.  We had a small celebration for Toddler SSG yesterday ahead of his big party next weekend.

With a play area (and house) already overflowing with cars, trains, Duplo, books and scratched DVDs, I went for something slightly different for the birthday gifts.  I'm practically on a first name basis with the staff of my local Kidstuff stores with the number of times I've visited over the last few months and my last visit yielded some Emotiblocks  ($39.99) and a KaleidoGears set ($49.99).

Of the two, the Kaleidogears have proven to be more popular with both of us at the moment.  Made in Italy, the set comprises of white base tiles that you fit together to create a surface for you to attach the cogwheels of your choice.  The components are beautifully made and I can see already that they'll be a toy that we will be able to pass on to and share with the nephews.

So now we are three.  We don't need our prams and we don't need our hand held at the shops.

We create art out of everyday things,

A permanent solution to the pen lid that kept falling off when I tried to cap it on the back end of my biro.

we find ways to improve on 'mummy's things',

we love a Bunnings sausage sizzle as much as we love planning our own wardrobes

and we love helping.

The year of three is going to be one of adventure and discovery.  I hope I'll be able to keep up.

To 2016!  May we all make each moment count and see the good in whatever life gives us this year.
Enjoy the trip!


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