Jan 12, 2016

New Technology. Gardening.

Well.  That wasn't as painful as I thought it would be.

Team 'Can't Function Without Office', specifically Word.

I'm back from the Apple store with my new iMac loaded with Office and fully configured.  It was a two hour round trip and as much as I'm loving my new computer, the highlight of the afternoon was just being at the store and people watching while I came to grips with my new toy under the close supervision of an Apple team member.  Young and old and from all walks of life, grouped together at desks or stations united in the common goal of getting that new slice of Apple up and running.  There was a story behind every purchase and even more stories behind why things weren't working as they should. 

All I've had to do since getting home was to clear a spot for it on my desk, plug in a few things and press the power button.  All my photos from iCloud are present and correct, all my music is on iTunes and the only thing that's whirring loudly is my plug in USB desk fan.  It's bliss.  I'm so inspired by how I've streamlined my computing life that I've got the reorganisation of the rest of my study firmly in my sights.  

We said goodbye to my mum yesterday as she set off home to Perth.  In addition to many happy memories of her stay (with the photos, videos and text messages to prove it), we have her gardening to remember her by.  Toddler SSG and I have both promised hand on heart to each do our bit to keep everything alive until her next visit.

I've been instructed to regularly harvest our basil, coriander and spring onions.  As well as to mow the lawn.  We seem to have a bug problem in our area that is going to make growing edibles a challenge.  I'm googling toddler friendly ways to keep the bugs at bay but if you have any tips, it would be great if you could share them in a comment.  Thank you!

While Toddler SSG has promised to water the miniature lemon tree and the bottom half of a lettuce that we're hoping will grow new lettuces for us.  We've also got tomato seeds in the same pot so fingers crossed they will begin to shoot soon as well.

My mum tells me that Toddler SSG is a talented gardener who can dig and water plants with the best of them.  I think it's the daily sandpit time he puts in at daycare.

I made it to the pool earlier today and had a bit of a bask in the courtyard after my laps.  You have to do what you have to do when it comes to easing yourself back into the working week routine.

Are you fully back into your working week routine yet?


  1. Beautiful that your mum and toddler ssg did some gardening.
    Glad you got to the pool x

  2. For bug problems, I often place my potted plants on top of a separate storage container that is partially-filled with vinegar water mixture. Bugs stay away due to the pungent smell but toddlers can barely sniff it.


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