Jan 6, 2016

Wet Wednesday.

Soggy would be putting it mildly if I was to limit myself to only one word to describe life in Sydney right now.  We're getting centimetres of rain in the city on a daily basis at the moment, there are puddles everywhere and the colour of the moment is grey.  The traffic has slowed to a peak hour crawl out of necessity and we're all sporting massive golf umbrellas rather than sunnies over our heads.  It's not great but I'm joining everyone else in Sydney and clinging to the hope that the skies will be clear by the weekend with temperatures to match.

So we've been indoors far more than we should be for a week in summer: staving off cabin fever by any means possible.

We've made collages featuring a whole lot more colour than we're getting in real life at the moment.

The patterned papers used in the above came from Daiso with additional cut outs from magazines and paper shopping bags.  All applied to a background of good old Ikea Mala paper off the roll.

Speaking of Ikea, you know you're in its heartland (aka Rhodes) when your lunchtime sencha is served to you in a trademark 79 cent Fargrig mug.

Ikea's branched out for 2016 with a range of unique 3D puzzles and old school board games.

As a diehard Priceline fan, I couldn't just walk past the new store at Rhodes, could I?  It's very airy and well lit as well as making excellent use of the space that was previously occupied by a different pharmacy.

Every aisle is wall to wall merchandise with a particular emphasis on hair and beauty.

I walked away from the $34 dollar cans of Kardashian hairspray.  Have you tried anything from the range?  Is there anything the ladies haven't put their names and faces to?

We've now got final numbers for the party this weekend and I've done a final shop for the fun bits of the day.  Target have a huge range of novelty stationery and gifts in store at the moment.  Most items have a ticketed price of $2.50 with a 3 for $6 offer on these.  Other larger items like pencils and pencil cases are selling for $5.

The fruit themed bag tags and stamps caught my eye and have wrapped in suitably pink, glittery tissue paper for the treasure hunt.

I found a set of alphabet self inking stamps for Toddler SSG.  Not too shabby for $8.

Partially concealed prizes in the lucky dip box.

The luck dip box is all ready to go for Saturday with a layer or two of fancy tissue and foil wrap.

The box itself was repurposed from a Christmas Lush order.  Toddler SSG couldn't resist trawling through the packing noodles in order to get to the good stuff which is what gave me the idea for the lucky dip box.

And that's about it from me.  Thanks for whiling away a few minutes with me today.  I'm in the grips of dental angst again and I have an appointment just after lunch.  For once, I'm actually looking forward to the prying because I just want this annoying pain gone.

Catch up with you on the other side then, plus or minus a tooth.

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