Feb 8, 2016

A Mad, Mad Monday.

Where did today go?  In a cloud of frenetic activity would be the short answer.

This morning seems like such a long time ago.  Somewhere in the precisely timed routine that is my getting to work and daycare ritual were a couple of spare minutes to spend gazing at Toddler SSG's latest piece of art.  I framed it Sunday night using one of my Fiskbo ($4.99) frames from Ikea.  They appear to be a new addition to the cheaper options in Ikea's range.  The vibrant range of colours are perfect for setting off the creations of that special little person in your life.

You'll never guess how we managed to make it look so much like a Chinese watercolour painting.  The tree and its branches were created by blowing and dribbling a blob of black ink over the page.  After it dried, we dabbed red inked fingerprints around the branches and voila!

Then there a few more minutes, more energetically spent, devoted to waking Toddler SSG up and wishing him a happy new year with a red packet.....

before it was all systems go, go, go at work.  I'm back at the mother ship this year and there's been some major changes to our on site catering.  There's this organic food and coffee cart, a deli and a buffet that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner hotel style.  I've only made it to the organic food cart so far but give me until the end of the week and I'll have the low down on everything else.

The day just flew in a whirlwind of new faces, routines, office spaces (still waiting for my desk, chair and computer), flights of stairs and door codes.  It's just as well I'm only back in again on Wednesday because I'll need the whole of tomorrow to recover from today.

Wasn't the Superbowl half time show brilliant?  Popular opinion seems to be that it was Coldplay, Bruno Mars and the NFL opening for Beyonce but I thought the three acts worked well together.  I have no idea who won the game though...

Beyonce debuted her new single, 'Formation' during her set.  The single and its video have the internet talking at the moment with regard to Beyonce's message about her 2016 self.  Formations is about being African American, female, influential, wealthy, knowing your roots and respecting the past that has made your future.  There's a fascinating transcript of a panel review of 'Formation' in this article from the New York Times.

It was nice to know that while I was being mesmerised by The Bae, the house was taking care of itself.  Dinner got delivered via Menulog.

And my hard to find in the new 'hood Asian groceries were dropped off at the front gate by Reddish, the friendliest Asian grocery home delivery service out there.  I'm going to be using the miso paste in a new salad dressing recipe I found last week.  

Can you believe it?  In the chaos of today. I totally forgot to take an outfit photo.  Does this mean that I didn't really wear what I wore, I wonder?  Anyway.  This is a photo of today's new red dress for Chinese New Year.  It's from Boden and was the perfect choice for busy days like today where form, function and comfort were key.

How was your Monday?


  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai SSG! :)

    Toddler SSG's artwork is lovely - nice that you can frame it too! :)

    I didn't wear any red or anything new today, pretty bad! I even swept as well....we had a messy lunch! haha. I will try better next year.

    1. You'll be in fine form next year and I hope you had a lovely CNY too.

      SSG xxx

  2. Happy New Year! What a lovely dress to welcome it with, as well. Good old Boden.

    I'm extremely impressed by Toddler SSG's art, very profesh. I like that the frame matches the fingerprints and that it's all new year colour scheme appropriate!

  3. Hello!

    Happy Chinese New Year. I have just ordered that Boden dress for work and am hoping it is a winner.

    Good luck with the change in job.


  4. Happy Chinese New Year to you and Toddler SSG!

    I didn't wear anything new on CNY but I did wear a colourful floral dress, does that count?

    P.S. Please share your miso salad dressing recipe.

    1. Floral definitely counts!

      Trying the dressing this weekend, will post about it.

      SSG xxx


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