Feb 25, 2016

A Sydney Suburban Summer.

Yes, summer in Sydney is pretty much a glorious string of months full of endless days of sun, the beach, the pool, festivals and lovely food.  But what about the in between days?  The ones where you're either at home or doing what it takes to make that summer fun possible?

As we're in the last week of summer (already!?!?), I thought I'd share my alternate memories of summer.  The ones that aren't as picture perfect as a shot of Icebergs down at Bondi Beach or of beverages alfresco at your local wine bar but they're ones that are just as much a part of a Sydney Summer In Suburbia.

I've hitched my wagon to the coconut oil craze that's  the beauty and clean living blogging worlds' miracle product of the moment.  Though these things move so quickly, they've quite possibly moved onto something else.

Anyway.  From a beauty perspective, coconut oil is meant to be brilliant for your hair, skin and removing make up (that last one is as per Beauticate  and their step by step illustrated guide on how to apply the oil to your face before washing it off).   Given its super star powers in all areas beauty, I thought I'd take some with me on the Singapore trip.  Except.  My jar's already turned to liquid in just the Sydney heat.  And that's a glass jar.  Might have to rethink this or try to work out a more travel friendly way of taking the oil with me.  I also have to test out the oil to see if it really does remove makeup.  I'll report back but will promise to spare you the artistic action shots of me washing my face....

Summer in suburbia is also about appreciating the architectural and engineering genius that is your average 40 to 50 year old multi storey car park.  They're all so cool and well ventilated even in the peak of the summer heat.  Sure it's often a bit tight trying to make the sharp turn to get up to the next level and yes, the car space lines are often a bit stingy but all of that is forgiven when you return to a lovely cool car after trekking out in the sun from work.

Another magical feature of the carparks around here are basement car washes.  Tony runs the one I go to and he always has a very flattering bit of banter for each and every one of his customers (and their toddlers).  His team also do a great job for a very nice price (for this side of the city).  He was especially busy today but managed to get us done in good time.  Plus the car got parked for me in a relatively 'easy' section of the parking area.  Love your work, Tony!

Summer also tends to make me a bit more adventurous when it comes to exploring the local area.  I found a lovely cafe in Randwick today that's a little labour of love for a lovely lady.  Entering the cafe was like going to your grandmother's kitchen.  Everything was spotless, functional and comfortable.  They also do a mean coffee.

The immaculate cake counter was full of things I would've snapped up for morning tea if I hadn't eaten such a big breakfast.  Plus there was a massive apple pie in the fridge to the left of this.

And of course, there's nothing like a stinking hot day to make you immediately think of winter pyjama shopping for your toddler.  But if I leave it too late, sizes run out.  Target were doing a $20 off promotion today for purchases of full priced clothing totalling more than $99 so Toddler SSG got his entire autumn / winter jammie wardrobe from their racks.  I like their leggings sets as the bottoms aren't too tight and the tops have a bit of give in them.  And you can't go wrong with a couple of sets of button down flannel, whatever your age.

Not technically a summer issue but I learned something about cheap / refurbished printer cartridges last night.  Besides the fact that they often don't work first go.

It turns out that YouTube (as always) is full of step by step videos that guide you through the button pushing necessary in tricking your printer into working with the fakes.  There are quite a few different techniques for my particular printer and I'm glad to say they all worked for me.

Are you a bit thrifty with your printer cartridges too?

Any alternate memories of summer that you've got to share as we slowly say goodbye to version 2015/2016?


  1. Hiya friend. I can't wait to see whether my oil turns to liquid. End of summer! Oh good. We must be getting spring soon. Someone needs to tell the weatherman. Our fridge section in the supermarket keeps us cool in the summer. I'm surprised you felt like a coffee in that heat. I only like 'lime refreshers' as a treat in summer from Starbucks. Look forward to your next news x

  2. Mr Fascinata is always going on about his printing cartridge costs! Last year I worked part-time and had zero photocopying budget at a school where I taught the wildest Year 7s ever.... I had to do lots of sneaky batches of photocopying at his expense. I still haven't 'fessed up.
    I can't WAIT to see the back of summer. Not a fan. Have no wardrobe suitable ever.
    Might be risky to take the oil - you know how things have an uncanny knack of leaking out of containers. Shame it doesn't stay set. Can we invent a 'hydrogenated coconut oil' firm at room temp....like margarine. Get your chemistry kit out. Xx


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