Feb 28, 2016

Lovin' Life: 28/2/2016.

It's Sunday.  And the living is definitely easy.  

With regard to this blog, Sundays mean only one thing right now - Leanne's Lovin' Life Linky.  Which has a pretty self explanatory title and is a joy to write about on Sundays like today.

We were at the park this morning with old friends from mothers' group.  That's the first love of today right there.  Sitting barefoot on the Astro turf enjoying the breeze and coolness in the shade as we chatted away while the boys played.

The bond they have is a joy to see in action.  They have a friendship that just picks up from where it left off the last time they met.  They currently love copying each other's actions, emotions and moves on the play equipment.

When you've had such a great time at lunch that it never crossed your mind to Instagram the details.  These are a range of flowers I found at Woolies as I did the shopping after lunch.

I had lunch with a close girl friend this week.  And we had one of those conversations that define a genuine and treasured friendship.  We talked about everything.  Things that needed to be gotten off chests, things that suddenly became easier to talk about owing to the healing power of time and whether the person at the table next of us really was who we thought it was...  It wasn't just the freedom to talk that made our lunch so special to me - it was also the ability for us to be both able to reflect on how life (ourselves included) had changed over the years that we've known each other.  The perspective we've gained, the maturity and the inner strength that comes from the hardcore 
workouts our personal trainer called life seems to have thrown at us as we've both approached and now hit the big four-oh.

I'm loving sneaky frozen pizzas for dinner on Saturday nights.

Especially when they've been given a little bit of TLC in the shape of basil from my herb garden, Golden Circle pineapple pieces in juice, tomato and a bit of leftover ham.

Summing up then, the focus of this week's love has been the big friendships in my life.  Our chats face to face and electronically have made me smile, think and consider.  All of which were much needed and appreciated.


  1. What an awesome week SSG. And such a special friendship lunch. Thanks so much for linking!

  2. I love that you've added your own ingredients to a frozen pizza - that's genius! Catching up with friends is so good for the soul x

  3. I had a good ole chinwag with a mate on the phone today. Was indeed good for the soul

  4. Sounds like a wonderful catch up with your friend. Gotta love girlfriends! Sadly, frozen pizzas have been banned from our house by my son, who now has a job at the pizza shop around the corner. I'm trying to get him to make pizza at home more often!

  5. We do the same thing with frozen pizza - always adding extras to it! Makes it tastier :)

    True friends are hard to find, but when you do find them, you realise how wonderful they are and you rarely part again.

  6. Such a lovely weekend, especially that great catch-up. Wonderful images too. Don't the weekends fly by too fast? Thanks for sharing that link too - always great to discover new link-ups.

  7. We do the same thing with frozen pizza, and add our own toppings to personalise it! Playground time is always fun :) Visiting via the Lovin Life Linky :)


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