Feb 27, 2016

Packed Lunches. Holiday Shopping.

The teabags in our work tea room.  Behold the precision packing of those catering quality tea bags....  It was amazing how many people, myself included, smiled in appreciation when they saw this.

I'm at that stage of my life when a slow news week isn't a bad thing.  It's been the kind of week where the daily routine has mostly gone to plan and nothing too unexpected has happened.  It's been the kind of week filled with just doing what has to be done with minimal fuss but maximal return.  I'm also one week closer to getting on that plane for Singapore with Toddler SSG on the cheapest ticket I could get with the guaranteed provision of inflight champagne.  We fly out Sunday week in fact and I have plans to haul the suitcase onto the bed in the spare room sometime later this weekend.

Gave the lawn a bit of a mow and attacked the hedge in a cathartic session with my trimmer this morning.  It is pretty crazy but gardening at around 6am in the summer is actually a lovely time to be doing it.  The sun's just up and there's a breeze to balance out the sweat you work up running around with the mower and then there's that clarifying morning air.  At least it was clarifying until I spritzed the WD40 on the blades of the lawnmower and trimmer.  Fortunately, the freshly cut lawn trimmings freshened the air up a bit afterwards.

My basic marinade borrowed from mum - tablespoon or so of soya sauce, good dash of pepper and some sesame oil.  For sweetness, I add a little honey towards the end of the baking time.  You avoid burned chicken skin from the honey burning as the meat roasts this way.

I'm completely invested in the new rotation of work lunches I was trialling earlier this month.  I'm trying to add a few less processed sources of protein to my salads and the quickest thing I've come up with so far is using cold roasted chicken.  I marinade single meal portions in zip lock bags (cutting out the middle man deep glass dish) and bake in my turbo broiler the night before.  Toddler SSG usually has one drumstick for his dinner and the left overs go into salads.

In fact, the cold soba noodle salad has worked so well, I even brought it with me to the shops today.  For a budget friendly twist to the original smoked salmon component, I added a can of flavoured tuna.  This worked really well as the flavour of the tuna rounded out the dressing and gave it a flavour I'm much happier with.  I'm not missing my usual Saturday white rice sushi as much as I thought I would.  Who ever would have thought!?!

Veggie Twister zoodle maker - $39.99 from King of Knives.

My personal clean eating lite evolution (I have a diet coke on my desk at the moment which is why it's a lite movement) has also seen me potentially embrace the zoodle.  I wasn't that keen on them the first time I tried them.

But then I discovered that you can use them in spag bol (simply put your hot meat sauce over the raw zoodles to warm them up) and in a peanut chicken stir fry.  I'll review my Veggie Twister in full after I use it but I selected it because it is so compact and the blades are concealed which makes it potentially safer in a toddler focussed kitchen.

My customary pre holiday pharmacy runs are definitely not as epic or exciting as they used to be.  New face masks, bath oils, hair treatments and make up bought in anticipation of peaceful hours on planes or in hotel rooms....  Dream on, Jump Street ( that's one for you fellow Veronica Mars and eighties Johnny Depp fans) would be the correct response to that relic of a past life as it pertains to Singapore, March 2016.

This is pretty much all the holiday shopping excitement I have for you today.  Pill boxes so I don't forget my vitamins each day and a stash of interdental brushes to keep my gums healthy.  Priorities.

Old habits die hard, though.  Look what Trilogy have just released!!!!!!  A solid make up cleansing balm that contains rosehip, mango and coconut.  Plus it's housed in a sturdy plastic jar.  Can you see how solid it is even in the heat of a Sydney summer's day?  It's definitely going on the trip instead of the glass jar of coconut oil.  Trilogy's balm has the RPP of $34.99 but Pharmacy Warehouse is currently selling it for $29.69.  Definitely more expensive than straight coconut oil but oh, the convenience.  It even comes with an organic cotton face washer.  Hoping I'll be able to review it live from Singapore.

Speaking of my jar of liquid coconut oil, I've currently got some in my hair.  I poured it out, in fact.  And it smells delicious!  Just like toasted coconut.  I wonder what it'll do to my hair if it smells this good!

Do you shop for anything in particular before going on holiday?

What's your favourite zoodle recipe?


  1. You're on Twitter! Hoorah. I'm Anna@tvshopalic on there.
    So with the coconut oil in your hair you're sitting in a dark room with no visitors planned for a complete weekend I assume judging by my experience. It's worth the pain though. I want to try those noodles and the chicken is a good plan. In our summer I get gardening and housework done as early as possible before it gets hot. Yes we do have over 80 here. 83 to 86 is about hottest.

  2. I was unimpressed with my first zoodle experience as well, but people rave about them so much I feel I may have missed out. I just didn't find them filling enough - I need a bit more carb than that to avoid raiding the chocolate stash 2 hours post meal.

    Oh and I've given up fizzy drinks (vis- diet coke) for lent and it's killing me.


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