Feb 23, 2016

Sickbed Eating.

It was definitely more of a Fanmaster as opposed to Stairmaster kind of morning at the gym today.  We're at the start of another heat wave, Sydney.  Our last one of the summer : somehow I think we're going to be going out with a bang in the Celsius stakes.

It was a struggle getting through it all this morning but it was a struggle I was glad to have.

Emergency neck splint for Toddler SSG's Deeno who suffered a few unstable vertebral fractures from being over hugged with toddler passion.

I was struck down by some kind of bug over the weekend.  During which all I really felt like eating was good old white sandwich loaf.

Many thanks to Anna of the Mutton Years for her genius reminder about fish finger sandwiches and bonus life hack for store bought humous (also in the same post).

Fish finger sarnies are a thing of beauty when you're feeling queasy.  Even when it's not hangover related.

My final near death bed white sandwich loaf meal was this.  Toasted, buttered and then topped with poached eggs.

Deeno after I fitted him with his very own Aspen collar.

All those refined, processed carbs must have done their trick because I woke up this morning feeling more human than I have in days.

The fruit display at my new post gym coffee place / juice bar.

There's nothing like recovering from a nausea heavy illness to make you fully appreciate that first cup of recovery coffee.

But I didn't take my good health for granted.  I stepped well away from the Nutella Love Bombs...

Sorry if this post it a bit heavy on the ordinary food photos but you have no idea how good it is to be enjoying my normal favourite foods.  This was my dinner.  In a nod to the heat, the tandoori chicken got drizzled in a kind of raita I made.  Don't forget a bit of sea salt as well as the lemon juice and mint when raita-ing up your Greek yogurt!

Do you have particular sick bed foods that seem to nurse you back to good health faster than chicken noodle soup?


  1. I picked the bike that had 3 fans circulating above it in my spin class today. Forecast to be 40ish on Thursday!!!

    Sick bed foods... Not really, but for me, the craving for burgers signals a turn of the corner & the road to recovery - this has been THE sign since I was a kid!

  2. That chicken looks delicious, nothing like a good raita. I hope you're weathering the heatwave ok... I am also a fan of toast when ill, although since having to eat gluten free it's just not the same. So I quite like plain rice or plain pasta instead, because that doesn't taste like cardboard even when you're well.

    And is it just me or does a Nutella love bomb sound actually horrendous?

  3. Glad to hear that you're on the road to recovery, SSG!


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