Feb 19, 2016

The Devil Wore My Keys. New Passports. Nescafe's Red Mug Machine.

This photo pretty much confirms what you may have suspected all along.

The Devil Wore My Keys, boom tish.... so cheesy yet so right.

When it comes to interiors, I'm all about form over function.  Meet my new key holder.  Being bright red, large and um... kitsch - there's no way I'm ever going to forget where I put my keys when I came through the door.  It's been almost a week since Hot4U the cheeky devil took up residence on the key shelf and while he may be on the ugly side of cute, he's made sure I've not lost my keys even once this week.

This is how I came to own my very own cheeky devil planter cum key holder.  I know.  Since when have chilli plants housed in devilish planters been considered a romantic gift for Valentines Day?  Not being a V Day person, I only bought the chilli plant with a view to adding it to my burgeoning potted herb garden.  And getting myself a bonus key dish in the process.

Only I had no idea that chillis double as ornamentals.  And that my pot of capsicum annuum isn't actually meant for human consumption. I've done a bit of research online and according to this article, all capsicum annuum are safe for humans.  Only I'm not sure if I'm game to take the risk with my little plant.

I've planted it and was planning on let it go this year as an ornamental and perhaps trying next year's crop of chillis.  Perhaps this particular plant wasn't safe for humans on account of the way it was cultivated by the producer.  A year in my garden may well rid it of any poisonous additives.  I hope.  Have you ever eaten a chilli from this kind of ornamental plant?  If you're reading, you've obviously survived....

My new passport arrived on Thursday.  The one with the photo featuring my face artfully bathed in that Hourglass Ambient Light set of illuminating powders.  Objectively speaking, it was definitely a better photo than my previous mug shot.  I even look a little airbrushed in this photo.  Which is no mean feat when you consider the lighting conditions at your average passport photo place.

I always get a little thoughtful when I get a new passport.  And the accompanying wistfulness has increased ten fold since I realised just how old I will be when it comes time to renew in 2026.  I can't even bring myself to type the number.  I'm fully embracing my forties but I refuse to think beyond that.

I will miss my old passport and flicking through the pages of different visas, their dates all holding special significance to me for the exciting memories (and purchases) that accompanied every single one of them.  Here's to another decade of excellent travel beginning with Singapore and KL in two weeks, then New Orleans in June and hopefully somewhere else before the end of the year if I can get the planets of work and parenting to align.

There's a new collectible cards promotion going down at your local Woolworths as of now.  The theme is Disney movies and you guessed it, Elsa gets her own page of six cards in the collectors album ($5 from memory).

The cards are plastic and you are meant to insert them into the special Disney Movie Stars projector ($8) to create projected images on a bedroom wall for example.  Before bedtime to soothe and calm you toddler, possibly and only if your toddler hasn't decided to wave the projector around his head and up to the ceiling before getting upset that the picture card had the audacity to fall out.  Personally, I'm most excited about getting the Mickey Mouse cards.

Do you think that's enough of a reason to get one of these Nescafe Red Mug Machines?  They're currently $99 at Woolies (therefore giving me quite a few movie collectors cards) plus a promotional price on Nescafe instant coffee.  The Red Mug Machine is meant to produce barista quality beverages using instant coffee.  Both the coffee and milk components of drinks can be made in the one unit.  It's already launched through Asia and recent blog reviews seem to be all positive with regards to ease of use and taste of the final product.   The second review I linked to seems to suggest that the machine works best using coffee mate (creamer) instead of milk)

But, $99.  That's a bit steep for an instant coffee maker.  And I'm more a Moccona girl.  And I can't make myself convert to creamer.  Even if it's for a cute looking red machine and the promise of a home made skinny cap made with instant.

Have you tried this new Nescafe machine?  Worth the dollars or should I stick to walking down the road of a morning for my fix which would also then come with a bonus side of fresh air, sun and superior people watching?

I think I know the answer to that one already.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. i get quite sentimental about passports too and when i get a new one i wonder where it will go with me. i am going to apply for a new one too

  2. I'm avoiding the Woolies movie cards like the plague! Of course B-Boy is interested but I don't want any part of it.

    Totally agree that $99 is too high a price to pay for a machine that makes instant coffee. Nothing beat a barista-made coffee.

  3. Hi girl :)

    The post was interesting, and i liked it..

    Have a nice day from Norway

  4. I think in the long run you would save money. I love barista-made coffee I buy one every day of my working week at $25 a week x 40 weeks = $1000. Some people buy 2 a day. I tried the pod type ones and didn't like that the pods are bad for the environment. This one is worth a try. I'm the same a Moccona girl I think it would work.

  5. Those things that mark the passing of large chunks of time really do get you thinking- a lot can change in 10 years. Have a great weekend xx

  6. I bought one the other day & am using my moccona & my other half is using his short black in it. They both work really well in the machine, so i guess any instant coffee works they just market it as nescafe as that is who the manufacturer is.

  7. I bought an "ornamental" chilli plant a couple of weeks ago, and I did similar research to you and came to the conclusion that OF COURSE they're edible. But... I haven't worked up the courage to test that theory yet!

  8. The devil wore my keys. LOL. Actually more LOTI (laughing on the inside).

  9. Save yourself $99!!!!

  10. Anything that will stop the use of the ignominious coffee pods accumulating in our landfill has to be a big step forward...

  11. Waste of $99. Will stick to my DeLonghi. Dont like that you have to use coffee mate and not milk.

  12. very nice coffee art and also those super duper delicious food!! yummy~~ my blog


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