Feb 7, 2016

The Weekend's Words and Pictures.

Ahh, Sydney.  You've really turned it on for us this weekend, haven't you?

Toddler SSG and I went exploring yesterday afternoon.  It was the kind of exploring that involved ... crossing the main road that divides our suburb.  I'm one of those people that tends to stick with what I know.  I like a well defined bit of a suburb to call home and tend to think of major arterial roads as an arbitrary marker of the boundary of 'my little patch'.  

But the weather yesterday afternoon was too good to be spent being confined by a road.  So we threw caution to the wind, waited for the green man at the pedestrian crossing and explored.  

The afternoon was powered by a bottle of cold pressed juice from the new Cali Press that opened this weekend on 'my' side of the 'hood.

We found lovely shady streets, beautiful terraces, friendly locals who introduced their dogs to Toddler SSG for a bit of pat and a paw shake and a play area that overlooked the wharf and the water.

I found urban herb garden goals in the shape of this wall garden out the front of Arte Bianca.

It's not quite nailing it but this is how things are going at SSG Manor 2.0.  The basil is growing as fast as I can harvest it, the coriander has bolted and the dark horse has been my spring onion roots.  The first set we planted a month ago have been providing me with a steady supply of garnish for salads and noodles - always just enough for what I need at the time.  I'm tempting fate but I added the roots from a whole bunch of spring onions this morning.  Fingers crossed.

I'm onto week two of my ongoing battle against work lunch fatigue.  I'm so used to making my lunch on autopilot that it's been a bit of a rude shock to have to work out a new system for it all.

Even with this set of jars I bought for all my made from scratch salad dressings.  Bought because all the perfectly good jars I had at the old house got ditched during the move because I couldn't bring myself to wrap and box them.

It's always the way though.  Just as I unwrapped my purchases and popped them into the dishwasher before dinner, dinner prep ended up yielding another useful glass jar for my lunches.  The more the merrier, perhaps, when it comes to glass jars for lunches.  Who knows, perhaps I might get back onto that chia seed pudding for lunch bandwagon sometime this year.

I got in early with new clothes for Chinese New Year thing with these dark denim flares from Boden.  They don't seem to be on the website at the moment but they are the slim flare jean should they return and you're in the market for them.  The denim's a solid weight with a bit of stretch.  Plus, they come in a variety of leg lengths.

Speaking of Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you all for tomorrow.  It'll be the year of the monkey, as called by the ceilings of Ikea.  I'll be observing the two traditions I know best tomorrow - new clothes and no housework.  

I received an exciting email this morning.  It was entirely in French which makes it all sound that much more interesting and exotic.  I might be quite limited in the French literacy stakes but I drew enough conclusions to figure out what it meant.  Myriam is sending my Festival of Forty self gift to me as I type.  Watch this space...


  1. I love sploring new hoods, or even my own. And I love meeting new woofies.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! Love your garden and the spring onion idea, I'd never have thought to plant the roots to grow new plants!


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