Mar 24, 2016

Baked Oats For Easter.

Oh bless.  Here I am on the first day of my Easter break (don't be a hater..... I'm working Easter Monday as penance for these extra days off) up at the crack of dawn and eating baked oats.  Oats and oatmeal are the kind of breakfasts that are perfect for the cooler weather.  Well, it was cool at the start of the week but it's heating up again now. I'm just getting in early and super keenly with the oats.

My Easter eggs are still in their packets hidden behind the cereal bowls in the high cupboard above the bench and next to the pantry.  It's a toddler thing.  In all his years of exploring kitchens, Toddler SSG has learned from his failures.  There's rarely anything good to be found in places where stacks of bowls are kept.  Especially in those unclimbable high cupboards.  They're a job for asking mummy nicely if she could help.

All twelve of my hot cross buns are still in a state of suspended animation in the fridge.

And I made baked oats for breakfast.  It was delicious, actually.  Less gluggy than oats  made the traditional way can be.  They tasted like a super wholesome blueberry muffin if it were to turn itself into muesli.  For reference, I used Cookie and Kate's recipe which can be found here.

The oats are easy to prepare.  All the dry ingredients get mixed together in one bowl (I toasted some pecans to use this time but might switch to sultanas or a few less nuts next time).

And the liquids go in another.  I had just enough milk for the recipe plus a few extra splashes for my cup of tea.  I used maple syrup rather than honey but there are other options suggested in the recipe dependent on your taste and dietary requirements.

Layers prepped, it's time to assemble for baking.

To my greased baking dish, I added a layer of frozen berries (unthawed).

Then the oaty mixture.

Before pouring over the egg and butter liquid mixture.

Topped them both with more berries.

And a dusting of raw sugar.

Baked for 45 minutes and it came out of the oven looking like this.  Cookie and Kate's recipe results in baked oats that aren't super sweet and there's only three tablespoons of butter in the entire recipe.  One tray easily makes six servings.  I just know it's going to reheat like a dream for breakfast for the rest of Easter.

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