Mar 22, 2016

Easter Food Shopping, Finally. Bobble Bottles. Glad Wrap Cutters.

As we head into the half way point of our first of two consecutive short working weeks (fist pump), time's gone all fluid for me.  As a part timer who officially works Monday, Wednesday and Friday, tomorrow feels like is my Friday.  Then I work Easter Monday before returning to work for the Wednesday which will then be my Monday.  Confusing but I'm not going to complain about the short working weeks ahead.

Part of me wants to get all smug and self congratulatory while another part of me is a little worried at the woman I've now become.

I've only just bought my first hot cross buns of Easter 2016 today.  And even then, only because today was the only day before Easter I was guaranteed access to Coles.  Why Coles?  Because they've apparently got the best supermarket hot cross buns this year - a fact decided upon by the SMH food supplement and corroborated by my brother and sister in law over the weekend.

Seems like the rest of Sydney was reading the same article because as of 9am this morning, Coles Bondi Junction was all out of the apple and cinnamon hot cross buns...

So I could only bring these home with me - double chocolate and the traditional fruit versions.  They're in the fridge (for now) and I'm hoping they'll stay fresh and stay there uneaten until Good Friday.

Kinder Maxi Eggs - $15 each at supermarkets etc.

And then there's the chocolate egg issue.  Haven't actually eaten any yet this year either...  Worry about me, readers.  Worry.

We're off to a friend's house Easter Saturday for a morning of egg hunting and I thought these giant Kinder eggs would be a perfect gift to bring along.  Apparently, the gift inside the eggs are proportionately giant too.  The wrappers are also themed to help gifting.

I've managed to successfully hide the eggs from Toddler SSG in my secret hidey hole, along with our mini egg gift for day care.  I just have to remember the eggs for the days I need them....

Moving away from chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, I have some healthier Easter food and drink news to share.  I've recently switched all my plastic water bottles over to the bobble range.  Widely available at supermarkets, they retail between $12 to $18 depending on size.

The bottles I'm using are the water bobbles.  Simple clear plastic bottles with a bit of squeeze in them and filters that you can replace easily at around $4 a pop.

So far, so good.  The bottles have survived being dropped and I am happier with the concept of how the mouth piece and filter unit are so simple without too many nooks and crannies that could potentially collect ... various things.

Here's my fuchsia bobble at the gym today.

And here's my new catering pack of Glad Wrap.  It's the last one in my pantry.  Time to go to Costco next week...

For the record, I'm team cutter bar as opposed to the serrated edge cutter.  I know there were dramas when Glad Wrap released new look packaging featuring only the cutter bar a few years back.  Which is why we high maintenance house holders now get both options on our rolls of wrap.

Cutter bar or serrated edge cutter?  We can still be friends if you're in the serrated edge camp.  Promise.


  1. I feel a little ashamed that I've been having hot cross buns for weeks! Nothing like wandering round a supermarket hungry and pregnant and deciding that you HAD to have hot cross buns. This week being the only week I haven't eaten them, I may have gotten over the craving just before Easter.....typical for a baby that seems set on keeping their own timeframe and keeping everyone waiting ;)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I've just bought myself a fruit infuser bottle which I'm very excited about, and hopeful that I haven't just fallen for a massive fad!

    We don't have cutter bars for cling film here and I wish we did. I'm forever cutting myself or getting in a tangle with the serrated edge, which also always manages to half-detach itself and flail dangerously around the drawer. Ugh.


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