Mar 17, 2016

Food, Haircare From Siberia and Some JPG via Target.

And I'm back on the clean living train.  It's the Easter long weekend Friday week, though, so I'm not sure how long this train ride is going to last.  Hazarding a guess, I'd say until Maundy Thursday (hurrah, I just found out what Maundy Thursday actually refers to, it's the Thursday before Good Friday).

My mint took off in the week that I was away.  Funny how plants tend to do better in my absence...  I've been putting it in my salads and adding a few leaves to my water.  I should make mint tea with it as well but I'm too attached to the strong Irish brew I need every morning with breakfast.

In other housekeeping developments, it finally twigged that I could toast sesame seeds the same way I've been doing my pine nuts.  For a few minutes at 180C in my Aldi convection oven on a small baking paper lined tray.

Here's my jar of sesame ready to go for the month's salads.

Speaking of salads, I remember discussing soba noodle salads last month and how I was still yet to find a dressing I was happy with.  I think the search is over because I made the dressing from this recipe from Cookie and Kate's collection of very approachable whole food recipes.  I like how this miso based dressing is easy on the oil and keeps the ingredient list simple.  Instead of honey, I sweetened with a few teaspoons of brown sugar.  The fresh lime juice and grated fresh ginger are key to the light and fresh notes of the dressing.

In the hair treatment stakes, I've sought assistance from the Siberian berry, Altai Oblepikha.  It's rich in beta-carotene and omega acids.  Siberians have traditionally used this berry to help strengthen their hair and skin.  The Oblepikha Siberica brand sources their berries locally and a portion of sales goes back into these local communities.  You guessed it, Chemist Warehouse is a stockist and their price is currently $19.99.  The brand also features skin care and other hair care in its range.

I just adore the packaging.  The hair mask itself is a salmon pink and it just works with the vivid turquoise and gold packaging.  The mask brings back memories of my childhood where wondering the markets at the weekend after swimming was a school holiday treat.  The air would be heavy with pot pourri and scented oils.  There are echoes of these smells in this mask.  

So far, I'm impressed with the shine its given my hair without weighing it down.  The mask rinses out easily but leaves behind a lovely scent in my hair.

It's been seven days today since Jean Paul Gaultier dropped at Target stores and online.  This is my modest order I click and collected from my hotel room in Singapore.  I just dropped by Target today to pick it up.  I'm very happy with all of it.  The make up pouches are going to be perfect for my next trip.  I always need new mugs and the handle on the Tin Mug is large and easy to hold.  The scarf is going to be a easy way to incorporate a little JPG in my everyday outfits.

This is the range's trademark rose gold star tag stitched into a border of the scarf.  It's a cotton and silk blend that feels quite substantial and doesn't seem to crease too easily.

I did go instore to try the clothing on the other day but found the mesh top I was interested in far too sheer for me.  Disappointingly, the white and tattoo print shirts suffered the same transparency issue.

Did you pick up anything from the JPG collaboration?


  1. That Barry tea will be nice and strong like Yorkshire tea I should think. We don't have Target here and it's our loss. Such a shame. Still I rummaged around Uniglo yesterday and saw Liberty line is available from today.

  2. I really like your JPG picks and I reckon you'll get a lot of use out of them - much more than a see through top anyway :/ I wish we had such cool collabs over here, we have the H&M ones but they sell out in seconds.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! The H&M ones are pretty epic...

      SSG xxx

  3. I like what you picked up from the JPG range! :) I was going to go in-store and check it out but I'm not ina shopping mood this late in the game with baby, haha! Maybe there will still be some accessories available later when I have to get out to the shops with baby just for a change of scenery.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Get some rest for the moment, Mica!

      I agree, would be a nice outing with baby when they arrive! I haven't met a newborn who hasn't fallen alseep whilst being rolled over the lino of Target and Big W in their pram.

      SSG xxx

  4. The Natura Siberica Hair Mash sounds fantastic. I'm using their Oblepikha & Honey Body Scrub and absolutely adore it!


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