Mar 21, 2016

Half A Bucket Of Rain. The Black or Dark Navy Dilemma Is Real. Chicken and Leek Pie.

Even by my crude measure of today's rainfall, it's been a wet Monday indeed.

I guestimated about 15cm of rain from my reading of the height of the water in my backyard bucket but today's rainfall map from the BOM puts my area at around 65mm for the day.  Could've fooled me.  

Because this lovely new suit of mine got rained on as I braved the rain between the carpark and work this morning.  It was so cold today that the only thing I felt like wearing to work was a sensible wool trouser suit.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've had this feeling.  So I had to Accessorise.  With my new JPG for Target tattoo print scarf.

I have Instagram's Juno filter to thank for finally convincing me that my suit is black.  I've spent the last couple of days trying to decide between black or a dark navy.  The suit's lining has blue stripes through it and some of the seams inside the jacket are a dark navy as well.  But then the lining of the skirt and suit as well as some of the bias are all black.  It was a conundrum.

After all the chaos the wet weather brought to this morning's commute, it was bliss to finally get to the dry safe haven of my office.  The first order of business for the day (after sourcing milk from the staff fridge for a mug of Moccona) was getting my filing organised with a set of alphabetic file dividers from Officeworks.  The filing away fanatic in me has been beside herself for the last few weeks as she put on a stiff upper lip as she made do with a set of 8 file dividers that attempted to cover the entire alphabet.

From the weekend I bring you this fantastic recipe for chicken and leek pie from the Best Recipes site.  It's easy and incredibly tasty for such little effort.  The Chinese in me felt that it was entirely all right to sautee the leeks and celery over high heat in my wok.

Crazy as it may sound, it actually worked really well.  The leeks browned up quickly and their translucency had the added diamension of a little char from the wok.  Ain't nothing wrong with a bit of colour when leeks are involved.

I followed the tips at the end of the recipe which involved adding garlic to the leeks and a teaspoon of chicken stock with the cream and milk.  I didn't have fresh parsley but used flakes and some dried rosemary in the chicken.  My pastry was a sheet of Pampas butter puff.  I was in low maintenance mode when assembling the pie so I used a rectangular pyrex baking dish which made cutting the pastry to fit over the top of the filling much easier than if I'd gone for a circular pie dish.

Are you a fan of alphabetic file dividers?

Of chicken and leek pie?

Do you confuse black and dark navy often in your wardobe?


  1. I discern black from dark navy by placing a very black item next to the item in question. You are welcome.
    I can't leek. It hurts mah tummeh

  2. I'm definitely a big fan of the Chinese way with leeks;).


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