Mar 31, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Autumn.

Don't you love how the leaves of autumn look?  Oh, and that lovely slightly scratchy rustle they make across streets and side walks as the wind gently puffs them this way and that?

Don't you love (not as much, mind you) sweeping those leaves up?  And how there never look to be as many of them in the small(ish) piles that greet you at the front gate than how many there actually as as you heave your piles of swept up leaves into the green bin?  It's just one of those autumn things.

And then there's the coffees of autumn.  It's a lovely walk in the brisk morning's air to go get one.  Not too hot and energy draining or too cold and finger freezing.  There's just enough oomph in the air for you to keep your eye on the prize.

Even my toes got to share my enthusiasm for all things autumn.

My silver Nike Air Max Theas arrived from ASOS this afternoon.

I love them already.  They're loud and proud  in the metallic trainer department.  On a younger pair of feet than mine they'd look gangster.  On a more immaculately groomed and fit pair of feet, camp.  But on me?  All I care about is that they're already comfortable and that, therefore, I shall be wearing them for preschooler mum duty this weekend.

In other wardrobe news at SSG Manor 2.0, we have been rocking the two tone / colour blocked outfit hard.

Best and Less was the source for this T shirt for Toddler SSG.  The cape is detachable and in his current favourite colour to boot.

And this is how I interpreted the theme.  The dress is from Zara in Singapore and sits just past the knee.  It's got a shift kind of cut with a ribbed, round neckline.  The sleeves and back of the dress are black.

How's autumn looking where you are?


  1. That t-shirt with the detachable cape is so cool! Yet again wishing they made kids clothes in big kids sizes. Also I love your shiny shoes. I don't know what I'd do without ASOS sometimes!

  2. I am jealous of your autumn temperatures and wardrobe! Brisbane is still clinging to summer, 32 forecast for this weekend...

  3. My niece is lusting over the black and white Thea's, such a small world as I'd never paid them attention and now here they are! Metallic is amaaazing now I kinda want them too...


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