Mar 18, 2016

Keeping It Lightweight On A Friday.

Especially excited you're here today, Friday.  The first week back at work after a break is always tough and when you're doing it all with a cough and a raspy voice that refuses to lose its scratchiness, your promise of an upcoming weekend of R&R for my vocal cords is especially enticing and much appreciated.

Keeping it even lighter weight than usual on the blog tonight.

The combination of Urban Decay's Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion and L'Oreal's La Palette Nude Beige is still proving to be a winner.  My makeup survived a day at work, a bit of rain and then the gym.  Eleven or so hours all up and it still looked good in the rearview mirror as I pulled in through the back gate.  Priorities.  And focus on the task at hand.

My walk to the gym yielded this bit of good news if you're in the east and or a diehard fan of Westfield Bondi Junction.  COS has finally arrived.  This is a view of the street level entrance into mens wear.  It's up a bit from the bus stop and across the road from the Apple store.  If you're inside Westfield, it's the Woolies level and you turn left out the doors at Luxe cafe.  Or you could just access the second floor (womens wear) of the store from inside.

I'm wondering if COS got the memo from my school asking for its bottle green back.  Probably not but I can see this gathered wait sleeved tunic somewhere in my fashion consciousness this winter.

Yes, they're an interpretation of the thick soled clod hoppers you had to have in Year 11 that you're now seeing on the chic COS mannequins in 2016 (many decades post Year 11....).

Doc Martens are back, baby. Winona, is that really you???????


I don't remember grunge looking as awkward as this, Pinterest.

On to safer choices from the racks of COS.  I do like the look of this fitted sweater dress.

And aren't we lucky?  Our COS gets the kids range as well.  I don't remember seeing this in the city store.

The boys range is perfectly respectable and practical but I think this girls combo deserves a special mention.  It's just too adorable for words.

Are you feeling Doc Martens style shoes this season?  I'm thinking silver sneakers myself, for some reason.


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