Mar 27, 2016

Lovin' Life: 27/3/2016. Easter Kindness.

It's still the Easter long weekend, how can you not love life today?

These are a few of my happy place memories from the weekend so far.

Watching Preschooler (I'm on notice now since I accidentally called 'long daycare with preschool hours' just 'daycare' the other day)  SSG lick the whisk after we made icing for our cake together.

The icing was for this cake.  The one where I realised, too late, that I'd forgotten to add a cup of oil to the carrot cake batter component of.

Well, the cake was a huge success even without the oil.  There was just enough spice in the carrot cake with all the sweetness coming from the orange glaze.  The unique twist on having the cream cheese baked in as a filling rather than as the more common cream cheese frosting somehow made it less decadent to me.  Once something is baked into a cake, it would be sacrilegious to scrape half of it out in the manner of trying to be 'good' with the chocolate ganache on top of a layer cake, for example.

I baked the cake at a lower heat than the recipe specified and got in early with my sheet of foil to prevent it from browning as it baked.  I also refrigerated it overnight in an airtight container which I think also helped prevent it from drying out.  Without the oil, the cake had a little toughness to its texture and the cream cheese layer was a little dry but when you consider that the cake was virtually fat free, they were minuses I could happily live with.  When I do make the cake again, I think half a cup of oil would be more than enough for me.

The stem of a champagne flute framing my cake action shot belonged to this glass.

Which I enjoyed as I took in a view similar to this one that greeted me at every turn I took up to my friend's house in that little slice of heaven on earth Sydney calls the Northern Beaches.  It really is magical driving across the Spit Bridge on your way in.  Boats bob gently on the water either side of the bridge and the sun always glitters off the water.  Always.  It's only twenty minutes or so away from me (in heavenly long weekend traffic) but it feels like a different world completely. To all of you living in the Northern Beaches, how do you drag yourself (if you need to) away from home to deal with things like work, school drop offs and the shopping?

The egg hunt was an exercise in friendship.  The bulk of the eggs were found quickly by the eldest but there was enough to be excitedly discovered by the preschoolers.  The eggs were then shared out a little more evenly and rationed between healthier meals over the course of the day.  My friend and I made an executive decision to hold over the giant Kinder eggs for today.  We're both just a bit curious ourselves to see just how giant the surprise will be inside the eggs...

There's been random kindness along with the friendship this Easter long weekend.  Preschooler SSG was having a moment in the middle of the busy local bakery cafe we often visit for breakfast and no amount of reasoning or reassurance was going to make things right for him.  So the baker on duty popped over to our table and crouched on the floor to have a chat to the preschooler.  After a few minutes of chatting, this chocolate cupcake was offered and politely accepted.  And peace was restored.  It was such a lovely thing for her to have found the time to do on a busy morning as her delicious baking was flying off the shelves and lines of customers were snaking across the cafe and out onto the pavement.

Thank you.  On behalf of all the parents who've been there.


  1. What a lovely thing for the baker to do !! xxx

  2. That cake!!! YUM!! How do you stay so svelte? Seriously. Your food posts are to die for.
    And that view!
    I love how you're embracing the Lovin Life Linky .. in your title and all! Thanks so much for linking to the Lovin' Life Linky SSG. You will be a featured blogger on my DFF Facebook Page today.
    Happy Easter!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. Northern beaches yorkel and i can count on my fingers and toes, how many times ive crossed the spit bridge. You just dont haha but i do have a soft spot for the eastern suburbs. I lived in Elizabeth Bay for awhile. So pretty.
    Happy Easter!
    All the 'big' little kids say preschool. Daycare is for babies according to my 3 yr old son haha

  4. What a lovely post this was! I have a rule for ages/descriptors of kids...i.e. babies until 1...then toddlers until around 2 ish and anything from there until school is pre-schoolers (whether they go or not!). That view is one I know very well. I spent ages 10-20 living at Balgowlah Hts and have always been grateful for growing up on the Northern Beaches. Dad is now living at Dee Why as he had to sell up in 2011. Naturally we have now found the beaches for ourselves in retirement but on a teacher's super we are on the Central Coast... I loved reading all about your Easter! Denyse xx

  5. I'd always just thought daycare was well, daycare! Now I know why my mother in law keeps calling it Kindy!

    Sounds like you've had a lovely long weekend with great weather. Enjoy the rest of your Easter SSG.

  6. Looks like you've been having a lovely time and great the cake worked out without the oil...

  7. LOL forgetting to put something in a cake till it's done. Definitely something I would do! Love seeing peoples day's through photos :)


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