Mar 3, 2016

The Tooth. The Laptop's All White.

It still amazes me whenever I see the water on my travels through the suburbs of Sydney.   Often, all you need do to find a little piece of heavenly peace and tranquility is to stroll a few hundred metres  off from one our ridiculously congested arterial roads.  It's bizarre that these two worlds coexist in a such a big and chaotic city.  I'm not here to question the universe, I'm just grateful for what its provided this beautiful city of mine.

I know from poring over Google maps that the city is practically hugged by various rivers (and and seas) but knowing from a computer screen is a very different thing to bumping into one of those said bodies of water as you go on a calming walk before heading off to the dentist.  Again.

It was crunch time (literally... and I'll just leave it right there) for my problem tooth yesterday.  Despite my best best efforts and multiple courses of antibiotics, it had to go.  I actually felt a bit emotional last night as I drove home with half a numb mouth and a cheek that would put a chipmunk to shame but after a good night's sleep and waking up to not feeling as if I've got something tightly and persistently wedged between two of my teeth, it was definitely the right decision to make.  But, I won't lie, I do feel a bit ripped off that I even had to have a dental extraction given how well I thought I was looking after them.

Silver linings, SSG, remember the silver linings.  How could I not remember them as I look back at my photo from my walk yesterday.  At least I can fly out to Singapore this weekend without any nagging fears about the tooth or emergency dental care whilst overseas.  And even more importantly, the food!  I'm all set now to eat with abandon.

This was the first thing I tasted after the local wore off last night.  Parker's Organic Blood Orange Juice.  It's stocked at About Life and my word, it's the business.  Just the right consistency and just the right amount of mellow sweetness that sets blood orange juice apart from its ever present, bloodless cousin.  I'm not a big fruit juice person but Parker's - you might just have turned me.

I'd best be off now.  Got some new technology to sort out for the trip.  I've taken the plunge and bought a mini lap top that's meant to double as a tablet.  It cost less than $400 from Harvey Norman (if you're interested, its an Acer Switch 10E) and its unique selling points to me are the fact that it's white and has a sturdy keyboard.  So long as I can surf the net and type on it, everything else is superfluous to me.  I just couldn't justify getting a pricy Macbook or similar for something I'm probably going to use only when travelling.

Fingers crossed it will be all white travels well.


  1. Eeeeeee so exciting about singers- lots of food pics mmmkay?

  2. I love seeing your life in pics including rivers. You really were best off getting that tooth sorted before going away. Would have been awful sorting it overseas. I hate starting over with new technology. So much to setup and sync. Grrr. I had to do it for my new phone recently. Still just found it didn't set up WhatsApp on here yet.


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