Apr 1, 2016

April 1 and All Its Fun.

Don't you just love that first day of the month after a 31 dayer like March was?

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It means you don't have to press pause on your life on your way out the door to wind your watches so the date's correct.

Necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium, dress - archival Metallicus.

Leaving you with more time to deal with the Big Issues on a Friday morning.  Like pulling together an entire outfit from shopping your wardrobe.  I bought this dress from Metallicus three years ago and only wore it for the first time today.

My joy will be short lived though because daylight saving ends this Sunday April 3 which means I've got a fun Saturday evening planned putting all my clocks and watches back one hour.  I get it wrong every year at both ends of daylight saving so I'm writing it in this post so hopefully I'll be right come Sunday.

Being April 1 and all, how good were some of the ads on Facebook this morning?

Via Facebook
There were Coles' hovering trolleys.
Via Facebook
Lindt's Broccoli Lindor balls.  As a passionate lover of each individually, the purist in me cannot deal.  But hey, they're only an April Fool's Joke so it's really no skin off my nose.

Ikea's wifi hotspot toilet brush and holder.  I am sorely tempted to swing by Ikea this weekend just to check if the Kalkgrund 2.0 really was a joke....  You never know with Ikea.  They think of everything.

And my personal favourite.  Virgin Australia's new Kids Class cabin rolling out across their fleet ... sometime never.  There were many on Facebook who were devastated when they realised that this is sadly never going to be.  Never.

Being Friyay night and all, I'm going to leave you with the latest and greatest carpool karaoke from James Corden.  He was driving with J Lo this week and the video is gold.   Especially when James texts Leonardo Di Caprio using J Lo's iPhone.  I'm also crushing on Jennifer's eye makeup.  I even attempted it this morning using my L'Oreal La Palette Nude in Rose.  We could have been separated at birth.

Enjoy and have a lovely evening leading into the weekend.


  1. I'm not alone then. I have items, dresses in particular, that I've bought 3 years ago and not worn too. I'm looking out for the newspaper ad fools jokes.

  2. April 1 is one of my least favourite days of the year. I usually have a total sense of humour failure - I'm not a prank person at ALL. However, the wifi loo brush made me giggle and even though I'm not a parent, I kind of think a kids class is genius?!

  3. My Mum fell for the broccoli Lindt, I had such a sore tummy after laughing at her for that one!


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