Apr 16, 2016

Armed With A Non Exhaustive Shopping List At Ikea.

You know how it is with trips to Ikea.  If you're planning to take one in the company of small children, you hold out for as long as you can and hope that Ikea online becomes a thing soon  planning for your trip doesn't only require writing a list of the things you need.

To prevent unnecessary tears and tantrums on the day of your visit (from both you and your accompanying child/ren) :

  1. The availability of what you need at your preferred store needs to be checked online the hour before you hit the road (for maximum real time accuracy)
  2. The travelling bag needs to be packed (the Escape was more than up to the task today, you can run like the wind with it half filled on your shoulder and squeeze into toilet cubicles with it still slung on said shoulder).
  3. Travel times need to be estimated based on the time of day of your visit and the all important coffee detour needs to be factored in.
  4. Try to remember that Ikea is not a pop up store.  It's open seven days a week, for quite a few hours at a stretch and as a global company is unlikely to disappear overnight.
  5. Deep breaths, lots of deep breaths.
Slightly off topic but I walked past the Dick Smith at Rhodes on my way to Ikea and it was so sad seeing the store on its last legs as it limps on until its final day of trading.  The shelves were almost bare, there were desperate red signs declaring that everything must go and the staff looked shattered.  I couldn't bring myself to walk in.

Having followed all of my own advice, this morning was deemed the perfect time for Preschooler SSG and I to do Ikea.  Even the sky over SSG Manor 2.0 looked a bit special in honour of the day.  If the sky writing ended up spelling Ikea, this would have been one very trippy post indeed.

We got there in unusually sedate and orderly Saturday morning traffic.  Our precisely packed bags plus an actual Ikea shopping bag from the car all fit neatly on the back of our shopping stroller and off we went.

Before my Ikea trip report, may I present these interior shots of the newly refurbished parents room at Rhodes?  I like the lounge and the look of the feeding rooms but the number wall feature in the play area looks a little like an open packing crate to me.

It was a morning of quite a few moments that went like clockwork, now that I look back on it.

We did our coffee run

and then got this clear run through Ikea itself.  Yes, this really was the total number of people in store just after nine this morning.  Surreal, I know.

It turned out that only one thing I needed required a trip down the aisles of self service furniture.  I've never been great with the pencil and write your own ticket system that Ikea have so I did the iPhone photo thing instead.

More serenity down aisle 21.

And a veritable flock of the grey Masterby step stool I was looking for.

Is there a joy in life quite like finding everything you set out to buy at Ikea all in stock and in your preferred colour on the one trip?  I don't think so.

It's all about achieving the big goals in life on the blog at the moment, let me tell you.  

One of my Masterby step stools is in the kitchen so that Preschooler SSG can cook and bake.  More about That Chocolate Cake he's been baking in tomorrow's post.  Promise.

You know how it is with Ikea shopping lists.  They're not exhaustive.  Especially when you make it just in time (with a day to spare) for Ikea Family prices on lunch bags.  The green, freezeable lunch bag was a dollar of at $3.99 whilst the cooler bag came down to $7.99 from $9.99.  I think they're both progress on my current nod to the environment which sees my lunch wrapped in multiple recycled plastic shopping bags (multiple because they all have holes in them).  I have no real explanation for the mug.  Except that it matches my favourite bedlinen.  For that hypothetical Sunday morning where I take a mug of tea back to bed with me for a sleep in. 

A Bolmen step in the bathroom will hopefully ignite some preschooler passion for brushing his teeth.

And some old Ikea favourites were repurchased because their predecessors were loved to pieces.

I'm hopeful that this laundry basket will eventually get filled with most of the toys currently littering the living room floor....  Tomorrow.  There's always tomorrow.

After we've conquered the number puzzle.  Another Ikea purchase that wasn't on that non exhaustive list of mine.

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Has Dick Smith going into receivership been one of the more poignant folds of a business to your mind?  For me, the sadness comes from how nice a person Dick Smith seems.  Though I think he sold his electronics business a number of years ago, I remember when he first launched his eponymous food label with the aim of only promoting locally produced foods including OzEnuts peanut butter.

Are you due for an Ikea day trip?  What's on your list at the moment?

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  1. Just made one, shopping for my mother's new room. Went with my sister. We ate meatballs.


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