Apr 18, 2016

Concessions to Cooler Weather. Care Packaging. The Powerhouse Museum on the Move.

We all have our own special ways of marking the change to cooler weather.  Adjustments to our routine, the introduction of special recipes back into our kitchens (which reminds me, I need to get some bacon hocks or a nice bit of smoked ham for this year's baked beans), fishing those ugg boots out of from their summer slumber storage spots (mine are in the coat section of my wardrobe) and well... drying your hair purely to stay warm at night.

Oldies but goodies.  Love the 80s design of the Elnett Satin can.  My current bottle of Nuxe is a special edition with a whimsical design on the bottle.  And that good old Elvive anti frizz serum has moved with the times and now has Argan Oil in it.  

That's right, I've officially started my nightly head warming routine.  The Parlux gets set on high, I section my hair, sit in front of my vanity and blast hot air at each section of hair until it's all dry.  No curling of ends over special brushes, no particular attention to the roots for volume or shape; it's all about reaching dryness as soon as possible.  To finish,  I stand (critical step for some illogical reason) and spritz some Nuxe over  it all, then I rub that good old Elvive in the orange bottle over the ends and then a bit of 80s style Elnett Satin over the lot and there endeth the 'styling' component of my blow dry.  And then, I'm good to go.  My hair's all ready to be comfortably slept in and tied up with at least 4 stretched elastics into a chaotic low bun for work the next day.  There's so much behind the scenes hard work to my version of effortless hair.....

No hard work involved in one of my favourite 'oldie but a goodie' snacks.  A quartered Roma tomato sprinkled with sea salt.  Perfect as a side with a couple of ham, cheese and tomato toasties.  The gherkin to a burger and fries equivalent in the toastie world.

My nephew visited us with his parents this afternoon. He was rocking those Muji jeans I bought him from Singapore hard.

And I upped my care packaging duties for his parents game by making them Plate Got Ate's sausage rolls.  The one batch made more than enough for our lunch, a dozen for the parents to take home for a quick reheat later in the week and there was extra mince for me to make some more rolls later.

What I love about this recipe is that there's absolutely no bread crumbs in the filling.  Also, browning the vegetables before adding them to the mince and herbs mellowed out their taste.  My previous efforts of just mixing everything in together raw gave my filling a strangely flat taste.

M also nailed the seasoning of the filling.  Trust me, oyster sauce, ketchup, fennel and cumin work.

My chocolate cake from yesterday was care packaged as well.  Generous wedges went home not only with my brother and sister in law but also my lovely next door neighbour who stopped by before lunch.

Just as a FYI, these are the best containers for care packaging slices of tall cake.

Empty Streets' Blue Ribbon containers.  Cake wedges sit comfortably inside them and their shape prevents slices from falling apart.  Reckon SSG Manor needs to start eating more Blue Ribbon as a matter of priority.  My mum and dad will be onto it with Preschooler SSG when they next come over, I'm sure.


It was one of those strange coincidences but I had the same conversation twice with everyone over my chocolate cake.  The hot topic?  The Powerhouse Museum's big move to the banks of the Parramatta River.  Reasons for the move include the ability of the new and larger museum to have more of its collections on display at any one time as well as the need for Western Sydney to be the home of some of the city's cultural treasures.  Apparently the people who visit the museum in its current location don't come from diverse enough parts of the city.  Distance from the museum's city location was cited by researchers as the main barrier for many to visit it.

What's wrong with having two museums?  Collections could rotate between the two venues and it would ensure that all of Sydney were close enough to visit.  The government is currently enforcing strict lock out laws at city venues in a bid to stamp out alcohol related violence and it also pours millions into events that try and make the city more family friendly after hours and on weekends.  I think it's a positive move that the government is keen to bring 'more culture' to the satellite cities of Sydney but isn't it a bit short sighted to do this at the expense of other parts of the city?

If they start moving family friendly activities out of the city, aren't they shooting themselves in the foot?

Isn't coming into 'the capital' for a dose of culture an accepted part of living in a big and modern city?

How do you do 'effortless' hair?  Much behind the scenes prep involved?

Where do you stand on bit of culture being moved around cities?


  1. I feel I can't comment much on the moving of the museum, as embarrassingly despite best plans we still haven't taken toddler T to Brisbane's museum! We've attempted to a few times but plans have fallen through for one reason or another. I do have to say though I like the city location of it, makes it really easy to get to as it's central. Even if it has been a few years since I've visited.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I don't have to do much when it comes to my hair, mainly because it's short. The only behind-the-scenes work I'd need to do is when I am in need of a trim. You know... like 3 months after a haircut type of thing. That's when I need those texturising spray to add texture and body, or else, I'd end up looking like a flat headed pin head :p

  3. I think having two museums is a great idea. Tourists just won't travel out to Parramatta, but if they are more interested in attracting locals maybe they're not bothered?

    And I'm always looking for better ways to transport cake. We don't have that ice cream here but I'll keep an eye out for similar...

  4. I Need professional hair assistance if truth be told. Never went to hairdresser before I turned 35 but now realize the power of good hair.
    Have been to powerhouse a lot for kids (went to Star Wars probably 100 times (sure felt like it) & also for exhibitions we're interested in. Think it will be great to catch the river cat to parramatta as I understand it will be close to wharf. I'm unsure that people from the south will have easy access. The centre of Sydney is now parramatta, so museum will be closer to the city's population. I wish public transport & infrastructure kept abreast of Sydney's population growth as I can see it being a nightmare. Den x


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