Apr 3, 2016

Lovin' Life 3/4/2016. The Topsy Turvy.

It's all about embracing the topsy turvy of life for me today.  Things not quite going to plan but working out in the end anyway.  Surprise good news.  That kind of thing.

This season's flannel from Target.  Love a bit of pattern clash in the pyjama drawer.

It was the official end of daylight saving today and the extra hour's sleep in was much appreciated.  Especially because everyone in the house took advantage of it.  There's something very soothing when you take the rain, add flannel pyjamas and that feeling that you've got an extra hour up your sleeve on a Sunday.

When I did get around to waking up, I made full use of that extra time (once I'd figured out how to reset the time on the oven) by getting a bit of baking done.

This is the start of my batch of waste not want not muesli bars.  I had some almonds and prunes that needed to be used up so in they went together with a sprinkling of dark chocolate Choc Bits at the end.

Unfortunately, I've now got muesli chunks rather than bars as the slice fell apart as I attempted to chop it up.  Must've been all that extra fruit and nut or the fact that my choc chips didn't melt this time around.  Never mind, I'm going to borrow Nigella's idea from her chocolate and peanut granola recipe and embrace the chunk of my failed muesli bars by using them as cereal in the morning.

Then the rain stopped and we made it the park on our morning walk.  Especially my coffee.  Very glad it mostly survived the walk.  Those Nike Air Max Theas of mine are a superior walking shoe.  So if you're in the market for some trainers for your off duty days, keep them on your short list.

I just received an exciting message from my cousin via Facebook.  Her leave's been approved and she'll be coming to visit and stay with us in Sydney this July!  I know there are many who are Facebook haters but I'm a lover for the fact that it makes it so easy for me to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world.  But I'm getting tangential.  My cousin's been here a couple of times before and is done with all the touristy 'must do and must sees'.

This time, she's here for a bit of people watching, good coffee and the chance to just live like a local for a bit.  I've already started road testing all the options in our area in preparation for her visit.

There's going to be a bit of an experiment in the kitchen for dinner tonight.  I'm going to attempt to make fried rice using these instant rice sachets from Woolies.  I partially heated the packets up this morning so that I could season them for frying up tonight.  Fingers crossed the texture works out.

How's your first day in a post daylight saving world going?

Ever made fried rice using instant rice?


  1. I use the Coles brand instant rice packets all the time but have never tried fried rice with them - sounds delicious, hope it worked out well? Loving those pajama patterns too, I'm in the market for some new PJ's and a dressing gown!

  2. I'm a Facebook user for the same reason. Family and friends around the world in one place. Much better than email. Homebaked cereal with chocolate bits. What could be better x

  3. Those instant rice packets are such a lifesaver. Now if only you could get a really decent coconut rice one, like the proper coconut rice you get in Thai restaurants. That would be such a winner.

  4. Muesli chunks are soooo much more gourmet than boring old muesli bars anyway.
    I was happy for the extra hour sleep after Derek's big birthday bash on Saturday night. I didn't actually use that extra hour though ... but it was a relief to know it was there!
    Thanks for linking with the Lovin' Life Linky again this week. I love that you're lovin' life!


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