Apr 8, 2016

Neck Arrangements For Young and Old(ish). The Life Of A Preschooler.

Here at Sydney Shop Girl, we've been endorsing laid back Friday nights and a good neck arrangement since at least 2010.  And when the two come together?  Well.  It's obviously a bloggable moment.

Today's has been inspired by our fearless leader in this domain, Faux Fuchsia.  What I love most about this outfit is the happy memories I have of each item and the people behind them.  There's a necklace from Willow and Phoenix of the Red Phoenix Emporium under a Hermes scarf I bought myself for Christmas, a scarf ring from Mai Tai's Collection and a cardigan from a particularly successful trip to Target.  Three cheers for beautiful people, beautiful places and beautiful things that were made to last.

The appreciation of a good neck arrangement transcends age and gender.  And it's never to early to start fostering that appreciation.  The nephews are both teething and drooling with vigour at the moment.  Then these personalised dribble bibs / cravats from Stuck On You featured in a promotional email in my inbox the other day and the rest is history.  Each set costs $24.99 and features one striped bib and a second in a block colour that is personalised with the lucky toothing individual's name and a motif selected from Stuck on You's vast and whimsical library.  Turnaround time was very prompt and I can't wait to see how my nephews look in them.  Hopefully at the same time and in the one photo.

If you have a Minion fan or two in your house, the bed linen is from Target.  The underside of the doona cover features a '1 in a Minion' print.

Preschooler SSG's not really feeling the neck arrangement love at the moment so he's handed over his share to Deano who's been given a new neck brace since you met him last.  The last one got a bit waterlogged so he's now got a stronger one made from a bit of the box from a catering pack of Glad Wrap.  

#sorrynotsorry super chic fashionista mummies, we're a 100% licensed clothing, foot wear and bed linen household.  These Thomas pull on slippers were also from Target.
What Preschooler SSG is really loving these days are his Thomas house slippers and matching socks.

And his Lightening McQueen bike tricycle helmet. Again, from Target.  A store that's been a major player in equipping Preschooler SSG's for this thing we call life.

After Thursday's morning ride, we drove to Randwick for an obligatory post ride coffee run.  Only we weren't wearing our lycra and we left our wheels at home rather than creating falls risks out of them by littering the sidewalk with them.  Can you tell I'm still traumatised by the MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra) that used to infiltrate my corner of Perth every Saturday morning?  It doesn't seem to be as big an issue in Sydney for some strange reason.

You know what, I'm actually enjoying the drive to Randwick.  I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be able to drive this far east and not be white knuckled on the steering wheel by the end of the journey.  The roads are starting to look more familiar, the lack of helpful signage or road markings at major intersections don't stop my heart like they used to and I'm starting to pay more attention to the scenery (and not just to making sure we survive the drive).

To celebrate this little achievement, we found a new cafe on Belmore Road, 18 Grams Espresso.  The decor's garage funk, the coffee excellent and the marshmallows orange (for peach, I think) and white in contrast to the pink and white every toddler in Australia knows and loves so well.

There will be more adventures for my little preschooler and I tomorrow but for now, we're off to bed. We've garaged the trucks and larger vehicles on the desk in his room.

The smaller cars have been rounded up from their spots around the house, without anyone tripping over them.  Or gouging out burnouts in the floorboards with them.

As an aside, can I let you know that a splash of milk in your scrambled-fried eggs makes them ever so fluffy?  Eggs are a favourite dinner at SSG Manor at the moment.  We won't say too much about that Minions chocolate mousse wrapper....  It's Friday.  Don't we all deserve a  bit of an after dinner treat?

And our most favourite cars have been given the VIP spots under the soft glow of our bedside lamp.

It always amazes me what amazing memories three year olds have.  The details of their car of the day are recalled with startling accuracy.  They know to whom each of the cars stowed away on top of the preschool lockers belong to.  They can return every car recovered from the sandpit to their rightful owner.  Preschoolers should run the Motor Vehicle Registry for The Department of Transport.  They really should.

What's your house infested with, courtesy of your children or significant other?  Houses are never infested with our own things, of course.....

Are there MAMILs in Sydney or are they just a phenomenon peculiar to the peninsula of Perth?

Have a lovely weekend!  It's been mellow blogging for you tonight.  I'm sure I'm going to sleep like a log the moment I walk away from this computer.  Notice how I didn't say 'baby'?  I'm truthful like that.


  1. Lucky you buying yourself such a present. I have a Gucci scarf that I got blah years ago. I hardly wear it but am now inspired. I also used to play with cars, train tracks and Thomas when the girls were young. I even live near Thomas.

  2. haha yes I firmly agree. Hubby and the kids can infest the house with their things, but my stuff is never a problem ;) It's our main sticking point in decluttering discussions, because of course I think his stuff is the problem and he thinks it's mine ;) I will concede I do have a lot of clothes, but I'm doing much better than before!

    Think you have the right idea in the first picture - investing in pretty accessories is the way to go :)


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