Apr 23, 2016

Saturday Dressed Down and At Home.

You've gotta love Saturdays spent in mum jeans, cardis and hiking shoes.  

It's all wet and grey in Sydney today (just in time for the long weekend) so it's been all about warmth and non slip soles for me.  And neoprene totes....

And you've gotta love the irony of being dressed thus whilst browsing the net looking at photos of The Obamas and The Royals.

POTUS and FLOTUS were guests of the Cambridges this week.  All the major details here, including where Kate's dress is from (L.K Bennett, the 'Addison').

US President Barack Obama, Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, US First Lady Michelle Obama, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince Harry sit together in a reception room at Kensington Palace.
And sorry, I just had to edit this post because this photo just came to my attention.

Preschoolers in winter jammies.  Heart.  Melted.

And The Queen turned 90.

Here she is cutting the birthday cake Nadiya Hussein (winner of The Great British Bake Off) made for her.  Opinions are divided about the cake, specifically its wonkiness.

Personally, I'm a fan and fellow baker of leaning layer cakes.  They just taste better with a bit of a lean, don't you think?


This is my favourite photo from the official series released for The Queen's birthday.

Team Lurpak...
In honour of it being the ANZAC Day long weekend, I've just made Love Swah's genius recipe that pays tribute to both ANZAC Day and classic Australian home baking - her ANZAC Caramel Slice

Isn't the smell of butter and golden syrup melting together on the stove one of the best smells of autumn?

I used a 20cm square brownie tin and it gave me a pleasantly thick base.  A larger slice tray may have made too thin a base,

There was a bit of parallel play in the kitchen today with me baking the slice and Preschooler SSG honing his cutting skills on some cream cheese (not part of the recipe, just in case you were wondering).

Caramel is always a challenge for me.  I don't think I've gotten it right before.

Swah's recipe involves making the caramel on the stove top and then refrigerating it to set rather than baking it further.  Reduces the risk of it burning in my hands.

And here's the chocolate top layer.  I melted the butter and chocolate together in a kind of double boiler arrangement (glass bowl on top of saucepan of simmering water).  Much easier to manage than trying to do it in the microwave or directly on the stove top.

Not wanting to creep Swah out or anything,  but if she were in my kitchen right now, I'd be giving her a big hug and a high five (complete with choclatey fingerprints and caramel smudges) because look what just happened!

I made a caramel slice that's looks as close to food stylist grade perfect as I'm ever going to get.  All three of my layers remained cohesive as I sliced and depanning was pretty much atraumatic.

The ANZAC biscuit base works so well here because its not terribly sweet on its own and the chewy texture goes perfectly with the rick caramel and brittle chocolate layer.


I used Lindt's Arabica Intense for my chocolate layer which actually does taste of coffee (funny that).  I guess that makes sure that this slice now covers all the major food groups necessary for a long weekend snack.

In other news from my kitchen, I've been introducing those teff seeds I bought at Costco into my usual breakfasts.

 They have quite a distinct and strong 'metallic' odour to them.  Can't really describe the taste but it wasn't unpleasant.  It was more their smell that I struggled with.

Then @missdirections on Instagram suggested they were great for baking with so I added them to today's batch of baked blueberry oats.  Perfect.  Odour eliminated and my favourite autumn breakfast is now fortified with iron and vitamin K.

And my pantry moths are almost all gone thanks to the traps I put in earlier this week.  How's that for environmentally friendly efficiency.

My next housekeeping goal is defeating the moisture in my wardrobe(s).  Do you reckon these pink Hippos are up to the task?

We can't have this entire post being about my dressing for comfort and pottering about the kitchen all day, can we?  Let's end with a bit of Queen B.

The Bey via her new activewear range Ivy Park was watching my every move at The Junction this week.  The Glue Store's windows  had their eye on me as I walked past to the gym.

While this tank at Top Shop nearly came home with me until I realised it was entirely sheer mesh.

Have you bought anything Ivy Park?  I quite like the look of the leggings but already have so many that are nowhere near being retired.

I actively stretched at the end of this morning's HIIT at home session.  I really should press pause on my mornings more often to do this.

Will you look at that.  It's the start of a hole in the bottom of the bag I use to lug all my things to work.  Better spend this long weekend looking for a replacement, then.

Wishing you and yours a restful long weekend and that you have the chance to reflect on the ANZACs in the way that is most meaningful to you at some point over the next few days.


  1. Glad to hear the pantry moth traps worked for you! I love the dehumidifiers, I get mine from Daiso. Once you see it fill up with water, you'll be converted.

  2. I love your humour Aussie friend. Cake with lean. Oh yes. Mine not only lean but sink too. I'm in favour of sunk to one side cakes. Actually I just popped here to find the apple sauce muffins recipe as I write up my shopping list and I got distracted. You naughty entertaining person you.

  3. Yes the Pink Hippo (or cheaper equivalent from $2 shop) thingies are definitely good. I live in humid-ville so have them in every cupboard. You'll be amazed how much moisture collects in them.

  4. Stop wasting your money on those hippo things. Invest in a dehumidifier and investigate underfloor ventilation.

  5. Those Anzac slices look fantastic! I thought about making something similar but ended up just making regular Anzac biscuits and dipping them in chocolate for something a little different.
    Loved the photos of the Royals! Especially George :)

  6. That slice looks delectable, nice work!


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