Apr 21, 2016

Sights and Sounds.

Do you reckon they'd let us keep this weather forever?

Sweeping fallen leaves once a week 52 times a year seems such a small price to pay.

I must be doing something sort of right in the garden because this mystery citrus tree by the side gate is fruiting.  I  just texted mum a photo and in true mum style, she texted straight back with the suggestion of pouring a solution of Epsom salts around the root system.  Any ideas why?

I've got a short long weekend which sees me work Sunday and on to Monday lunchtime so today's glorious weather just had to be put to good use to make up for all those hours lost (which I'm trying not to count).

Don't worry.  I didn't leave for the day's adventures without first getting a batch of mini muffins made for the freezer.  Today's star ingredient (chosen especially because it had to be used up next) was half a jar of apple sauce.  And our recipe was Mel's Healthy Applesauce Muffins.

The inspired addition of cinnamon sugar over the muffins as they went into the oven (literally) was mine.

As they baked, I put every fibre of my being into neatly printing these signs for Preschooler SSG who's currently fascinated by the letters things begin with.  And I even did it before my first cup of 'real' coffee (instant doesn't count).  Do you reckon I need to invest in a home laminator for my signs?  I imagine home laminating might be quite a soothing thing to do of an evening.

The final result were a light but filling muffins with a superhealthy taste from the wholemeal flour and rolled oats.  Just the kind of muffin you need in your freezer for the days when you've got a bit of gardening planned after afternoon tea.

And on that note, we were ready to hit the road.

A house down the road is in the process of being pulled down for a rebuild.  Actually, it's completely pulled down now and all that remains is for it to be carted away truck by loudly filled truck.  It's been an interesting process so far - the various noises for each stage of the pull down, the bits of equipment and their drivers that we're getting to know as we try and share a narrow residential road with parking that's only made for private vehicles.  I'm excited to see what the owners have in mind for the block.

Over in Randwick, the front window of our favourite toy store featured this zoo.

And Preschooler SSG got treated to a spendy Siku toy car at the other store we quite like.  I'm getting to know my Hot Wheels and my Matchbox cars pretty well.  Siku seem to have a more solid feel to them with more of their bodies and chassis being made of metal than their supermarket counterparts.  Only time on our loungeroom floorboards will tell just how good the paint jobs are on Siku cars.

I finally paid a visit to the Asian grocer on Belmore Road and got a little distracted by what I think are roti moulds.

And are these cake tins?

The fancy chop sticks were tempting.

But I know that everyone in the family prefers plain old wooden ones.

Don't you love how the universe provides?  My new spectacles were ready for me at the optician today.  Just in time for work this weekend.  I reckon they're going to make me sound 1000% more authoritative over the phone and give me a better phone voice too.  Especially at 2am in the morning.

Do you have a home laminator?  Would you consider home laminating more soothing than home scanning?

Are you working this long weekend?  Let's be there for each other!



  1. I love the look of all those baking tins. Very tantalising to think about all the things you could make with them.

    I think the epsom salts are for magnesium, which is a common deficiency for plants especially when fruiting. Your plant looks alright to me but a dose of extra minerals can't hurt :)

  2. Loving the mystery citrus! we had a goodly amount of those when we redid the garden and discovered our unproducing lemon trees were actually limes. Margaritas galore

  3. That castle like structure isn't a cake tin, but rather for an Indonesian rice dish that is made for all celebratory occasions. So it's a rice mould of sorts.

    Love the new glasses.

  4. You can only keep autumn if we can keep a warm sunny spring. Our spring is turning wet and cold today. I have jars of apple sauce to use up and need muffins. You know what I'll be doing at the weekend now.

  5. Yes to the home laminator. You won't regret that with a kid.
    Epsoms salts or get preschooler to pee on it. ..but maybe save that truck for a few years later.

  6. Yes. I've had two laminators. Another great thing to have is access to a colour photocopier (I make beautiful signs) Haha.

  7. Those glasses are enticing, I need to book in for an eye test because I know I need glasses 8) I need to make some muffins for work snacks soon, it's hard to find healthy recipes


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