Apr 19, 2016

Tuesday's Finds. Cross City Shopping.

It's official.  You just naturally burn more energy and take more steps on the days you're not actually at work.  Especially if it's a week day.  

I don't have the exact Fitbit data to quantify just how much more active one is on a week day not spent at work but the unit of measurement is lots and the solution is to replace all that expended energy with the last slice of the weekend's Best (Ever) Chocolate Cake.

After preschool drop off, I began my day at that conveniently located gym of mine.  Where I did a workout that I'd like to label #skipskiphooray.  Jump rope is currently and inexplicably my favourite cardio at the moment.

Then I waited with this bag of old clothes for my standing post gym coffee order to be barista-ed a mere one minute up the road from the gym.

Next stop was the local Mitre 10 (still independently owned and I'm proud to be able to support a local small business in Westfield country) where I acted on reader Suzy's suggestion of pantry moth traps for the problem I've been having with autumn with some unwelcome permanent residents in my pantry.  Thanks a million for the tip, Suzy and fingers crossed.  I'm so very fortunate and touched to have such helpful and lovely people reading my blog and helping me out where they can.

Bondi Junction doesn't have an H&M (yet) but it is a drop off point for H&M's World Recycle Week.

All you had to do was drop off a bag of clothing or home textiles of any brand and in any condition and in return, receive a 15% off discount card against your next H&M purchase.  The discount is good until the end of August.

The H&M website is down at the moment but there are other temporary drop off points planned for around the city and I think the promotion continues through the week at H&M stores.

It's been a week for tackling those cross city shopping trips and today's destination was Auburn.  Many will disagree with this being a vision of heaven but it's my version of have no real mum life bliss.  That golden mile that features a Costco, Woolworths, Kmart, Aldi plus a two dollar shop and a Priceline (two hidden gems not featured on the street signage).  And all of it surrounded by plentiful, free parking.

Tote - Escape by State of Esccape, top - Muji, skinnies (not so much anymore but hey they still fit) - J Brand, trainers - silver Nike Air Max Theas, work bag I brought along for the ride - Goyard's St Martin.,

Here's a visual of what I wore to live the mum dream.

Things that went down at Costco included these Callebaut dark chocolate chips and a large box of wild seaweed flakes.  The later I'm hoping will work in my sushi salad bowls.

I might be in the minority here when it comes to Costco trips but I love the opportunity to try new superfoods (as opposed to supersized packs of junk food and Dans competitive prices on Moet - not that I don't do either of these...) at a reasonable price.  Say hello to teff seeds, so hip and super that they've been profiled in Good Food here.  I'm trying teff seeds because they're a good source of iron and also, as the article outlines, of Vitamin K.  It's going to get pretty crowded in my cereal bowl in the mornings now....

In other Costco news, you can now buy single issues of magazines at 20% off the cover price.

Here's my Ikea lunch bag from the weekend doing double duty as a cooler bag for all that butter I bought at Costco.  1 kilo tubs of spreadable Lurpak.  How could I say no????

I managed to catch the tail end of Aldi's children's book week and found these two books by Andrew Daddo.  I had no idea Andrew was an author in addition to his work on television and radio.  I love how simple and fun the text of these books are and I'm hoping Preschooler SSG will be able to relate to the plots.

I had this long term thing going on with Cotton On's cardigans but nothing in the recent collections have really been what I've needed.  Kmart's been a pleasant surprise for me this year as I haven't had much luck with clothing previously.  This long line cardigan is $20.  Soft, warm and machine washable.  Perfect for the weekend.

I also found this cardigan for $12, to replace one of my old Cotton On ones that got recycled with H&M this morning.

Are you planning to get involved with H&M's World Recycle Week?

Had much success with clothes for yourself at KMart?

What's the superfood you've most recently added to your diet?


  1. Glad you had a productive day.
    A good way to eat Teff is in Injera which is a staple Ethiopian food - there should be an Ethiopian restaurant somewhere. There are usually loads of kids there too.

  2. Hi we don't have kmart. H&m and Aldi on the other hand, yes. I suppose coconut oil is my newish superfood. I've never heard of teff seeds. Chia seeds I'm quite into. BTW my coconut oil is melting during the day on a windowsill. Summers coming.

  3. Tried a heavily modified version of your sushi bowl today and it is amazing! All of the food groups covered. And the mayo - sooo good. Used tuna instead of edamame and had to skip on the nori but it was still delicious anyway. Off to the Asian grocer this afternoon for supplies.

    1. So glad you're loving those sushi bowls as much as I am! Will blog about how I go with the new seaweed mix.

      SSG xxx

  4. Belated thanks for best chocolate cake review. Will make it for dessert for 2 mates & their families who are coming over for lunch. Den x

    1. Hope it works for you too! Was actually going to bring it around for lunch at yours next month too!

      SSG xxx


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