May 2, 2016

A Royal Vogue Cover. Meanwhile In Suburbia.

It was always going to be hard to get the cover pitch perfect when your covergirl is HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and the occasion is Vogue UK's centenary.  But I'll just go out and say it.  I'm a bit disappointed.  While I respect everyone involved for not airbrushing the cover photo to oblivion, it all looks so unspectacular and unglamorous.
But perhaps this gives the cover more impact than it otherwise would have if it were photo shopped perfection and couture clothing.  We've come to expect nothing less than models, celebrities and public figures looking like themselves but 'better' on magazine covers that to see The Duchess look like the happy and busy thirtysomething mother of two that she is makes her cover stand out for all its comparative 'normality'.  I think when you're already as influential on global fashion trends as Kate is, you really don't have much more to prove to Vogue or its readers.  And I like that about the cover.  It's just how good were the outfits for the recent tour of India?  And similarly, the random paparazzi shots we sometimes get to see in the Daily Mail.
Apparently, the editorial features seven photographs of The Duchess and it is rumoured that the clothing she selected for the shoot purposely steered clear of couture or anything too revealing.   Again, decision respected.  And while the detractors are already grumbling about how 'Boden' (see the Daily Mail link earlier in this post) I can almost guarantee that I'll be online in search of high street interpretations of at least one piece from the editorial....  I wonder which it will be?  Might have to get on with sourcing a copy of the issue.

For the Duchess Kate fans among you, what's your opinion of the direction Vogue took with the cover and the editorial?

Meanwhile in suburban Sydney....

Three year olds who've been promoted to goggle wearing at swimming refuse to take them off after class.  Even if they have to do the shopping in them with mum.

I went to About Life dressed in a Duchess Kate inspired Breton top and dark denim jeans.  No photo because the Duchess wore it better and this post is (mostly) about her.  Found my white miso, stocked up on frozen edamame but said no to the kombucha.  But if it's your jam, they have at least four different flavours of it for you in the drinks fridge.  Sadly no Coke Zero but yeah, anyway, can understand why.

Those Coconut Lindor bars from the Sunday shopping?

Like a Bounty but better.  So.  Much.  Better.  

Isn't it nice how the coconut trend has gone from water, to oil and now to Lindor  varieties?  I love a superfood trend that crosses the boundaries like that.  It's so lovely to be able to co-ordinate what I use on my hair and skin with the chocolate I'll be eating on the same day.  You can't say that about chia seeds now, can you?  

Preschooler SSG and I took advantage of the 26C(!!) afternoon that was our first Sunday of May and went for a wander on Darling Harbour.

We caught the last day of Signspotting - a collection of strangely worded street signs from around the world.

It was a bit quirky for us.  Who has time to read signs and 'get' them when there's a large body of water to  try and jump into against your mother's wishes?

Or if the Darling Harbour Carousel is within line of sight?  And its playing The Wiggles on a continuous loop?

We got our disco pink tickets and saw the sights of the Darling Quarter as we bobbed around the carousel.

The Darling Quarter's playground is pretty spectacular but also very busy on weekend afternoons when the weather is as perfect as it was Sunday.

There was so much to climb and so many water fountains to dart around.  Preschooler SSG was beside himself as he ran around the jets of water.  He found an empty cup which he filled under the jets of water before scuttling over to the sandpit with his watery load.  No wonder he fell asleep an hour before his usual bedtime last night.

Here's wishing you a happy Monday and start to May.  Can you believe it?  The Christmas things will be out at the supermarket anytime now....


  1. Definitely going to look out for coconut lindor. Two favourite things in one place. Yum.

  2. It really has been too long since I was in Sydney - is that playground and carousel new? I don't remember seeing it last time I was there, but then I'm having a hard time remembering exactly when that was. Maybe 5 years ago? It has been a while!

    1. I think the carousel has been there for a while but looks like it has been restored. Not sure myself and I live here... Similarly, I think the playground is relatively new as in the last few years kind of new? Reckon it's time the family paid another visit to Sydney then :-P

      SSG xxx

  3. Love this post, I am with you on the vogue cover, very underwhelming, the hat looks Freddie krugerish
    Love the new Lindt, have you tried the cappuccino flavour?
    Love Coke Zero, it rocks, and of course it cancels out the calories in all salty crunchy snacks!
    P x

    1. Cappuccino? Onto that with today's shop....

      Thanks for the feedback and agreement regarding the cover.

      SSG xxx

  4. I've heard so much about that coconut lindt, looks delicious and if it's better than a Bounty, I'm in!

  5. Yes,i didn,t care much about Kate,s clothes too.. Missed opportunity for an interview also!


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