May 31, 2016

I Actually Am Her Kind Of Girl. Sephora Australia Online Reviewed.

Grab yourself a healthy snack (actually, since I can't see you, it what you choose to eat is strictly between yourself and your computer screen) and let's get chatting.  Though fruit and nut mix does taste as good as a Scotch Finger with a cup of tea.

The early morning queue rugged up and ordering up a storm at my work local.

Wasn't it cold on Monday morning?  The kind of cold that hits you in the face, tightens up the saggy bits and propels you to walk that much faster to the cafe on the way to work?  And didn't you just need that first coffee of the am, nay the working week even more than usual?  How good did it taste when you finally got to your warm office (with toasty hands thanks to holding said coffee in a vice like grip) and took that first sip.

We were back at the library Sunday.  This time, I had a chance to explore it a bit further.  Here's a visual of the roof's carpentry.

And here's a book I found just for me.

I've never watched an episode of Lena Dunham's 'Girls' mainly because, on the surface, Lena and her co-stars look like they're at a stage of life far removed from mine as twenty somethings discovering themselves in Brooklyn.  But, as I read those first few pages of 'Not That Kind Of Girl' in the library as I waited for Preschooler SSG I realised that Lena is actually my kind of girl.  The kind of girl I need to listen to because she makes me think about my own life in the context of her essays.  Aspects of my life I rarely have a chance to mull over during these hectic days of mine as a mother living the 'working and trying to have it all dream'.  As a woman whose twenties were somewhat sheltered and mundane in comparison to Dunham's.  As a person whom I am pretty sure would just never be in the fight place and at the right time to cross paths with Dunham in the off chance that we could sit for a while and have a chat.

So far, 'Not That Kind Of Girl' has been an engrossing  but at times unsettling read.  It's the kind of writing that I could read forever as I laughed, cringed and realised along with the memories and reflections.  'Not That Kind Of Girl' is shaping up to be close contender with Tina Fey's 'Bossy Pants' as my favourite memoir of all time.  Darn it, I'm risking overweight carry on and bringing it along with me on the plane.  I now have a scarily high number of books to get through on my flight.  Perhaps a limited and boring range of inflight entertainment will make it easier for me to just read all day and night?

Who would've thought that I'd ever have hardcover books on my bedside table since I crossed over to the Kindle side all those years ago?  I even had to find myself a new bookmark.  I ended up improvising with a beautiful thank you card I received last year.
Sephora Australia.  Remember the fanfare?  And then the disappointment over pricing and the severely limited range compared to sister stores in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia (ie everywhere else but here)?  Soon after, the Sephora Australia online store started up with not much to choose from and the absence of Sephora's famed VIP points for rewards program. 

My interest in Sephora Australia's online store was rekindled last week when I saw that the ARCONA range was available through it.  Which was all the excuse I needed to place my first order.  To my surprise, the online arm of Sephora's Australian presence had really upped its game over the last few months.  The VIP points system was live, there was a much larger range of brands available and there were some pretty tempting gifts with purchase as well.  So I went ahead an placed a rather large order which qualified for free shipping, a deluxe sample and a gift with purchase.

Let's take a look at the damage.

While shipping (from Singapore, interestingly enough) was fast, I was a bit disappointed to see my order arrive in a bag rather than a box.  I'm high maintenance when it comes to my online shopping orders.  I do like seeing my more costly orders arrive in a box and a bit of gift wrapping.  I only realised just how much I've grown used to it when this order arrived in relatively bare bones bubble wrap and a plain white plastic parcel envelope.

Fortunately all the bottles and jars didn't break but the boxes were all a bit battered.  It's no big deal if you were intending your purchase for personal use but possibly a deal breaker if you were buying a gift.

This was my gift for a purchase over $80.  There are separate codes for each available gift so remember to enter your choice before checking out.  I've heard great things about Sephora's masks so a pack of five for free was a bit of a win.  While the front of the packaging states that the masks are made in France, the back says they're made in China.  Interesting....  Which are we to believe?  Perhaps the ingredients of the mask were from France but the packaging occurred in China? Or vice versa?

Sephora's famous samples with purchase aren't as generous as they are overseas (Dubai and your casual half dozen fragrance sample ampules, I remember you fondly and I need to visit you again soon).  All orders, regardless of dollar value, are entitled to one free sample only.  Higher spends seem to qualify for 'deluxe' samples.  I picked a sample of Sephora's body butter.  From the image, I thought I'd be getting a small tub of body butter.  Not the case as you can see.

In addition the above freebies, special purchase options are added as you check out.  My offer was some kind of deodorant cream in a tube for $25 which I passed on.

I'm in two minds about my order.  The fast shipping, free delivery and set of masks as a gift with purchase are all pluses.  As was the relatively nicer price of ARCONA compared to the site I previously ordered it from.   There's been a definite improvement in the range of product on offer plus the gifts and quality of the loyalty scheme.

But. I did feel a bit hard done by with the way my order was packed and the single digit number of samples included with my order.  Also, quite a few of Sephora's own brand cosmetics were out of stock online and they seem to have been this way for a number of weeks.

I am, however, now a Sephora Black member.  I'll fill you in on my perks as they materialize.

Do you order much from Sephora Australia?  Love, hate or somewhere in between?


  1. Oh yay, shopping!
    I once watched an episode of Girls when I was "trapped" in a hotel room in NYC during the 2013 blizzard. I LOVED it, but not in an obvious way. It was more of a trainwreck kind of way. I only saw one episode though because my husband was all "what's this shit" and given we were trapped in the room together, we had to find something we could both watch. I would love to read her book though. I just love autobiographies in general ... especially female ones. I might have to put that on my list once I get through my own library haul (it's going slowly right now given I'm not doing mumager things at the moment ... not a lot of sitting around with time to read time I'm afraid ...)

  2. I liked "Girls", I think you should give it a chance. The characters are unlikeable in a compelling way.


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