May 30, 2016

In My Kitchen. VIVID 2016.

Well, that was a weekend and a half.  Lots was seen, lots was done and lots to share on the blog as a result.  So a good weekend all round, I think.

I'm seriously considering getting onto these blue green algae liquid supplements at the organic, cold pressed juice bar I saw on Saturday to help me keep up.  I wonder if you drink them neat or whether you add them to a regular juice or smoothie?  Or, let's face it, if you're me - your morning coffee?  Might ask a staff member when I'm next there.

An update on the Aldi Deep Fill Sandwich Maker from last weekend to begin with.

I took them at their word on the 'Deep Fill' description and went hard with all my fillings.

But just in case there were leaks, I only cranberried one round of sandwiches.

Each sandwich fit its designated slot neatly, with a bit of room to spare in fact.  I'm taking this as a sign to buy even larger bread next time.  Girlfriend loves her jaffles.

Yibidee, yibidee!  The press closed perfectly.  That's just a stray bit of turkey slice to the right in the photo.

Five minutes later and hello perfectly toasted jaffles.  The edges sealed completely though the diagonal cutting edge through each round needed some cutting on the plate.  All in all, though, another Aldi win for me.  I reckon those infamous cheese and tinned asparagus jaffles might be on the  menu later this week.  I'll convert you all to them one winter, readers.  I will.

It was the opening weekend of Vivid 2016 and we made the trip into the CBD to see as much as we could on threenager time.

Hats, gloves and backpack were prepared in the afternoon and an early dinner was eaten at home because the stress of trying to find a cheapish but nourishing meal in the city after nightfall is the kind of challenge you shouldn't undertake with a small person in tow.

I got a little adventurous with my zoodles and made Sally's  (from Sally's Baking AddictionPeanut Chicken Zucchini Noodles for me and chicken fried rice for Preschooler SSG.  Sally's recipe is really easy, it just needs a little bit of prep.  The peanut sauce is simmered in a saucepan while the meat and vegetables are stir fried in a wok.  The two are then combined to serve.

How could you go wrong with a peanut sauce that features creamy peanut butter, honey, sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy and Sriracha?  The addition of grated ginger is a must, as per Sally's recipe notes.

The chicken I used was left over supermarket rotisserie chicken that I'd frozen a few weeks ago.

This might sound crazy but I didn't even miss my usual hokkien or rice noodles in this dish.

Because the peanut sauce is so rich and bold in flavour, it brought all the vegetables together in a very filling dish that I might be so bold as to suggest is just as good for you as one of those blue algae shots.

Tummies full, we set out for Vivid warmly dressed and excited about a new (for us) adventure combining public transport, colourful lights and being out at night.

The very handy app made it easy to plan our trip and there were helpful notes on what we were viewing too.

It was such a lovely night to be out.  The day's rain had cleared and the crowds were friendly and in good spirits.  There was a very visible security and police presence as well as guides at each Vivid exhibit.

Preschooler SSG loved being able to interact with some exhibits.

Sydneysiders might have a massive case of the FOMOs when it comes to events like Vivid but their support has seen the event get bigger each year with more regions of the city involved and ever increasing numbers of visitors each year.  It's a much loved event by both locals and tourists and it also ensures that there's something to do at night for people who can't do dinner, drinks, movies or the clubs.

Not the most exciting or brilliant photos from our walk, I'm afraid.

I had one hand on Preschooler SSG for most of the time we were out walking.

The spectacle of seeing art projected onto the sails of the Opera House almost kept Preschooler SSG still... until he saw some stairs that needed climbing.

Well played, Vivid!  Looking forward to seeing you grow each year.

There's history between the Opera House and Preschooler SSG.  Here he was back in December 2014 at the ripe old age of nearly two.

He just gets to the concourse that looks out onto the Harbour Bridge and something within him says, 'Run... little one!  Run as far and as fast as you can.  Run with passion.'  So he does and I do too.


  1. I can hear how perfect the evening was:).

  2. Not quite sure about the cyanobacteria supplements... I wonder if they fluoresce? That would be cool. Also I find it funny how everywhere has a different name for what you call a jaffle (that's a new one to me!) - we call them toasties here, and in the US it's grilled cheese. Which makes no sense to me because there's no grill involved. Anyway...

    Vivid looks amazing, as ever. One day I will make it!

  3. also if everyone embraced stairs like preschooler, the world would be a better place.

  4. I need that jaffle maker so my cheese doesn't waste away out the sides of the sandwich! Yummo!

  5. Loved your wrap up of the night SSG! Until I can make it there in person I'll just have to admire the photos and adventures of others. :)

    It is almost toasted sandwich time here in Brisbane - got my boots out now the colder weather has arrived!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. I think I might go and get a jaffle maker. We have a flat toasted sandwich thingo which is great for big breads and flat breads but nothing beats the good ol' Aussie jaffle maker that cuts it into triangles and seals it all together.


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