May 22, 2016

Lovin' Life 22/5/2016: Citrus and Soup.

There's basically two foods that get me through this time of the year with all the bugs I seem to catch from Preschooler SSG, work and the world at large: navel oranges and home made soup.  

It's their collective vitamins, high liquid content and vibrant colours that combine forces to put me back together after whatever it is I just recovered from.

Home made soups are also a love of mine for reasons beyond their health benefits.  Clearing the vegetable drawer on a Sunday morning and using its contents to make a soup is one of those feel good cooking jobs.  Leaving nothing to waste, making something that's exponentially more than its parts alone and having lots to freeze for meals during the week: it's the yin to the yang of those frozen pizzas of mine that also live in the freezer.

And while I make soup for the coming week (and beyond) a smaller red pot was reheating a portion of the last soup I made for today's lunch.

I had an unfortunate experience with a package of ready made soup in Perth last week.  It was touted as the brand's premium quality, made from scratch and as good as home made range.  The packaging was fancy, as was the price and it was all so convenient to just pour and reheat.  It even looked home made in texture and consistency.  Except that it tasted of nothing.  A nothing so full of nothingness that I couldn't bring myself to eat it.

So I'm back in Sydney and back to my home made soup.  I've just got to do something about that long shelf life white bread I'm eating it with....

What's your favourite soup?

Is there a ready  made soup you actually rather like?


  1. I am not a fan of soup with floaties. Had to do with being very sick as a child with viral encephalitis (brain virus) and eating soup then throwing up. You know the drill. I do love a nice creamy pumpkin soup though, and pea and ham and some of those nice coconut curry type soups. I created a floatie soup the other day for the family of the vegetarian variety. It was a winner!

    Thanks for linking up again this week SSG!

  2. My mother made some potato soup recently that I adored. (I love potatoes so guess that's a no-brainer!)

    I don't like broth-like soups and like Leanne am a bit 'meh' about chunky bits. My poor mother blends soups for me before I'll eat them!

  3. Thick soups for me. I eat so many for work lunches that soup is not my thing for home. I choose chicken and sweetcorn or pea and ham type soups. My supper last night was a huge bowl of veg with spices. So filling. I'm still full this morning.

  4. Broccoli and butter bean soup is a bit of a favourite of mine at the moment.
    Juicing half an orange using an old school hand juicer from Kmart is big hit with Ms 3 yr old at the moment.

  5. I've been trying Chinese soups for dinner lately and my favourite is pork ribs, dried peanuts & lotus roots. Apparently the trick to it is a good stock & hours of simmering on the stove!

  6. I used to love a good soup! (I was diagnosed a few years back with an MSG allergy and it's an ingredient in commercial stocks so there are very few soups I can eat now).

    Have definitely been stocking up on the oranges though - toddler T has been sharing some of the daycare winter germs with me already :(

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I love homemade soup! especially if it is pumpkin!


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