May 17, 2016

When Everything's Just Right In the World.


I'm still here.  Making the most of this glorious Autumn/Summer day.  It took a couple of goes under the timed hot water shower at the pool to partially defrost this morning plus a bit of time on a deck chair by the pool but we got there in the end.

How've you been?

I was just over there in Perth for a bit catching up with family

Keeping it real.  Right down to the lint on my black jeans...

and living life on Perth time. Which, incidentally, isn't as laid back as the pace my sepia tinted memories would have me believe.

Coming home is always this ... nourishing (for the want of the more appropriate word that time zone and pace of life adjusting seems to have robbed me of for the moment) experience for me.

I don't know what it's like for you when you revisit your home town or city, but so much seems to change yet stay the same in your absence.

One of the things I have to do that first morning I wake up at my parents' house is to go for a run around the suburb.  Unfortunately, being autumn, the light isn't great at 5am.  In fact there really isn't much natural light on offer at all.  Which means this is the only photograph I have of my run.  The platform down the stairs that lead from the street to the river.

But back to the run.  With all my familiar landmarks marking the way, I fell into my usual comfortable jogging pace which Map My Run tells me is a good half kilometre slower than my pace in Sydney.   Which gave me plenty of breath to return the chirpy " 'morning -s" of my fellow early bird exercisers.

Say what you will about the crazy traffic in Sydney but here is objective proof that it actually makes you run faster.  Whether it's to avoid getting run over or whether it's because your body can't help but try to match the pace of drivers trying to get to where they needed to be 15 minutes ago remains to be determined.  I might even take these hypotheses on and nut out some kind of trial to see which the is the correct answer.

In between the landmarks were familiar houses and shops.  And in between them were large gaps that made the streets look toothless in places.  Shining through the gaps were glimmers of the river which probably explained the temporary gaps  At least I got the chance to see the water before the foundations of a new palatial residence got laid.  Over at the schools I drove past, playing fields have been developed in the way parcels of once vacant land close to the CBD have been - with multi storied buildings swathed in steel and glass.  I used to attempt the long jump (badly) in a sand pit under one of those new school buildings...  too many years ago.

More chips for me....

Lunch at The Blue Duck.  Brings back memories of brunches with friends in uni...

Of course there was food.

When James the train got fed chicken for lunch because he asked Preschooler SSG for it...

And of course there was coffee.

If you're looking for excellent coffee on the west side, Yabba Dabba Cafe is your best bet.

Babylon in Leederville.

There were funky cafes.

Krispy Kreme for breakfast, courtesy of my brother.

And there were sneaky 'oh go on, I'm on holiday' snacks.

The controversial new appearance of the milk chocolate coating of Nestle's Peppermint Crisp.  At least the peppermint cracknel still looks and tastes the same.

I was in Perth to attend my youngest brother's graduation and the ceremony brought back memories of the day I was in his shoes in my gown and doffing my hat.  Hearing the words of the pledge and the wisdom of the oration always inspire, regardless of where you may  be on the path post graduation.  And how could a woman's head not get too big for her shoulders when new fellows remind you of their fond memories of working with you when they were just beginning their training?

Cottesloe Beach.  The view never gets old.

But there was also lots of family time compressed into the impossibly short stay.

My Perth nephew is finding his feet and doing it with the biggest smiles and happiest hand claps.  I'm doing the hard sell on his parents about planning a visit to Sydney later this year.  Not that Sydney needs any selling....

Preschooler SSG conquered the climbing frame at the playground.  It was our thing to do of a morning each day we were in Perth.  To go to the park (with a pit stop for coffee on the way) and attack that piece of play equipment.  Firstly with my help putting his feet and hands where they needed to be, then with a hand hold here and there before the final 'Go, mummy.  Go.  I can do it.'.

And then it was time to pack for Sydney.  Our suitcases, the all important carry on bags filled with snacks, surprises and an iPad freshly loaded with $50 worth if preschooler friendly programming but perhaps hardest of all, our newly made memories.  Yes, we will be back soon and yes everyone will come visit in Sydney but it'll never be the same as the way things were just now.  That feeling of everything being just right in our world.  But, who knows, perhaps the next family reunion will be the setting for even more beautiful and precious moments.

Do you get a bit wistful after family reunions?


  1. Yes I get wistful and my family are only 2 hours away by car. My wistfulness is due to what time passing does to our parents and then I think about that being me in the future and whether our kids will have time to visit us.
    I know what you mean about speed. There's a London speed of walking and a hometown speed. You can't help but click into the London one when being there.

    1. I think I need to do a test run in London to see whether I run as fast there as I do in Sydney. A travel goal for 2017 perhaps.

      SSG xxx

  2. No. I don't get wistful at family reunions. I smile and or drink alcohol.
    I think I've blogged about my family before...
    Glad you had a great time. You deserve it xx

  3. Do you think you'd ever move back to Perth? xx

    1. I'm not sure, Brady. We're very settled and happy in Sydney right now. And the plane trips are very doable to Perth and back.

      SSG xxx

  4. Its wonderful you can have those moments and that time with your family SSG! With my immediate family here, we don't really have a need for reunions and with the extended family spread out across the world it's impossible to have a reunion sadly.

    I think catching up with any family is always a way to feel happy and centred - with the people who love you the most :)

    1. Hello Mica
      Thank you for sharing your situation. It's all or nothing with family reunions, isn't it? Everyone's either very far away or else very close. Any time together is special.
      SSG xxx

  5. Perth looks so pretty, even at pre-dawn. I hope to visit Australia one day.

  6. Love the Krispy Kreams, my fave. I hate to say it but in Oakland there is a place with real homemade donut but I still like the classic Kreams better.
    Good on you for running around the neighborhood when I go home, I mostly sit on the couch and drink hot then cold beverages

  7. Goodbyes are always the worst part of seeing family ... I hope your nephews come visit soon. X
    And on the note of 'go mummy...', all I ever hear from CB now is 'go away mummy' 'I will do it' ... independence comes way too fast.
    ps. thank you for the flying/travel tips! Adding them to my list xx


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