May 11, 2016

Where Are You, Weekend? As Seen (and Purchased) At Target.

I don't know about you but I'm pretty much ready for the weekend as of today, thank you very much.

I got my hair done yesterday and I manged to score hand massages in addition to a scalp massage. It was a bit of a treat waking up with both good hair and a tension free upper body.  I sort of felt unwound down both arms and into the shoulders.

Autumn leaves and evidence that someone else on our street loves those Coconut Lindor bars.

Of course I would have swept up our autumn leaves before the epic winds of yesterday dumped a whole courtyard and sidewalk full of leafy carpet at the front of the house.  It's going to be an epic Leafy Thursday for Preschooler SSG and I. At least I won't have to worry about the state of my hair on account of that wind proof blow dry from the other day.

I finally got a box of Epsom Salts for the garden.

I've listened to mum's advice and used them  on the soil around that mystery citrus tree near the side gate.  Apparently you just sprinkle them on straight out of the box.  No need to make up a solution beforehand.  It rained after the Epsom sprinkling anyway so hopefully the soil got what it needed from the salts.

I had to forcibly remove myself from Target yesterday.

On account of how good their ladies knitwear is this season.  Probably the best edit of this season's colours and styles I've seen on the high street so far.

There were so many beautiful sweaters for $69 and under and while they were cosy as well, the main reason I was so keen on them was that they looked practical.  I tend to look as if I'm getting eaten up by a woolly mammoth when I wear coatigans and long drapy knits plus I've been known to catch myself on doorknobs and wall fittings as I swoop past, oversized knitwear trailing in my wake.  When I saw the flattering cuts and shapes of Target's range, I had to investigate further.

The being eaten by a woolly mammoth visual effect did not stop me from buying this fauxtastic chevron fur coat.  $49 down from $99.  It was a fairly recent markdown and there were plenty of all sizes still available at Bondi Junction yesterday.
I know.  You're thinking what I'm thinking.  From somewhere in LA, Rachel is going bananas over my find.  I'm even going to steal her style and wear mine over a black shift dress.

My more sensible purchases were a khaki V neck sweater and a very fluffy round neck black knit.

I did a quick detour to the $3 Pocket Money Toys display and found (among other things) this etch-a-sketch like toy for Preschooler SSG.

And good news for those of you who perpetually miss out on Priceline's 40% off sales because they're always only on during weekdays and you can never find anything that you need in stock online...

Chemist Warehouse are doing a 1/2 price off RRP for quite a few if not all their beauty brands.  Their website doesn't say for how long the promotion goes for but the promotion currently applies to their online store as well.

I'll be off then.  Wishing and hoping and willing the weekend to get here now, already.

I've achieved so much already this week.  I just managed to lower the seat of my office chair by using the correct lever.  First go.  Without falling off the chair.  Without careening it into the wall behind me.

Cardigan and T - Target, scarf - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection.

My work here is done.

Talk again soon,


  1. I am intrigued by the Epsom salts. My lemon and lime trees both have curling leaves so I am definitely going to try this out. Thanks for the tip. Emma

  2. I love the fur coat from target. Hope there is one left for me.


  3. I need to see how you've styled the coat. I think skinny jeans and ballet flats?

  4. Target has some nice things! I keep meaning to go check them out, now it's a little cooler in Brisbane I'm feeling the need to shop for wintery things and knits, have already ought myself a cosy grey cardi.

    Hope the week improves for you SSG.

    Away From The Blue Blog | Baby's birth story & hospital style

  5. I really did imagine you channelling RZoe with sunnies and a large floppy hat when u posted that picture on IG!

  6. I'm shocked you need jumpers even in the winter. Nothing like cozying up in the winter with a fire, and wine of course.


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