Jun 6, 2016

Before I Go.

Well.  That was a weekend I'm glad to have seen the back of.

Work took its cue from the prevailing weather conditions and was chaotic.  A large mug of instant coffee was required before I could even contemplate doing the thirty second walk down to The Corner for my real coffee.  By the time I finished up at work, all I wanted to do was cross back safely across the city towards home.

Here I am doing a victory lap around Chemist Warehouse to celebrate the safe drive home.  It was actually pretty terrifying on the roads.  On ramps were closed, there was debris across the usually spotless carriageways of the bridges and bits of road were partially submerged (I'm not saying flooded because I drove / aqua planed through a bit of it and as all responsible road users know, none of us should be driving along flooded roads).  Bearing in mind I was driving through what are usually some of the busiest areas of the city.   I can't imagine what it would've been like along the coast and apparently more is yet to come according to the experts.

It was perfect weather for a roast dinner with all the trimmings.  Pumpkin is my favourite roasted vegetable.

And this gravy from Gravox isn't half bad to go with it.

Packing began in earnest last night and it's practically all done.  That's the beauty of travelling to where the weather is warm.  Very relieved to have found my favourite roller ball perfume just in time too.  I will never understand why it's so hard (and expensive) to buy roller ball perfume in Australia.  They're so convenient for travelling and so easy to tuck into your carry on.  In honour of it being summer in New Orleans, I will be wearing my Beach Walk fragrance from the Replica by Maison Martin Margiela range.

Been working on those pleathery hands of mine with a home made scrub whose recipe I found on the world wide web.  I simply added a good shake of sugar to a small handful of olive oil and scrubbed before rinsing in warm water.  Its done wonders to the backs of my hands already but I think the palms are going to need another going over tonight.  The mixture also works well on chapped lips.

Pre dawn gym sessions are back for a limited season and I'm embracing them with more energy than I thought I would for that early on a winter's morning.  I've been mainly doing body weight and HIIT type training at home this year and it must be doing something because I'm holding steady on the treadmill and have possibly gone up a bit on the weights I use on the cable machines.

In celebration (not really but you get what I mean) of my last day at work for a while I dusted off a favourite scarf of mine.

Hope your week is off to a good start.  I've got my laptop packed for the trip and quite a few of you have expressed an interest in some news from New Orleans.  Consider it done.  I'll even title each post in the series 'News from New Orleans' for you.



  1. I'm looking forwards to your New Orleans trip so you must be ecstatic. I'd love to go to that area.

  2. Yikes, stay safe in the storms! And looking forward to News from New Orleans. I will be having News of my own in New York but will catch up with yours when I return! And I second the food-related information request.

  3. Enjoy your trip. Den xx

  4. Hope you have fun and dry trip in New Orleans! I've never been, but I'm hoping to go there with in the next couple of years.


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