Jun 24, 2016

Brexit. Thermals. Everything But July 2.

Brexit it is, then.

It's a result that has shocked the world.  The British citizens and residents in my network of friends are questioning the motives behind the 'leave' vote that the majority of their countrymen have cast, Prime Minister Cameron has resigned, the markets are in free fall and oh yes, it's just over a week until our own Federal election.

July 2 is beginning to feel like a bit of an afterthought to what's going on both around the world and in the non political spheres of Australian life.


It's State of Origin season and I don't think that last game on June 22 went well for NSW.  I understand that there's to be a third game sometime soon but it could be a bit painful for the team that's lost two already.  Which I think is NSW's dubious honour.

Said like a true Perthie.
via Facebook

Hope I read the situation correctly, Origin followers amongst you.


It's less than a week until season 6 of Offspring premieres.  And I still haven't gotten TV reception sorted out at the newish house.

But back to Britain.

I wonder what it will be like when (and not if) I visit next.

London is my favourite European city.

I love its pace, its people who've come from all over the world, its history and the diversity of its present.

What will the post Euro zone future hold for the people of Britain, I wonder?

Will the inevitable transitions in every aspect of life there bring them together or drive them apart?  Do they have a cohesive plan for what they're going to do now that they've left?  Is there a destination everyone can agree on?  Or was it change for change's sake?

Meanwhile, in Sydney, where some of us aren't as politically engaged as we should be this close to the election or as on top of the receipts as we should be this close to the end of financial year 2015/2016, it managed to suddenly get very cold in the city.  It never fails to catch me by surprise every year and I never fail to go all dying swan over the chill and the fact that it's already snowing in some parts of the state.

Today's dramatic moment involved me wearing a pashmina around my neck all day in the office.

The scarf (and snack) thing took me back to my student days at the freezing uni library.  I was actually all set up for a webinar I had signed up for.  It's one of the laws of the universe, doing continuous professional development stuff.  Learning and studying actually becomes fun when you don't have to do it every day for a degree or exams.  It employs a different set of skills to the ones you use at the coal face and sometimes it's nice to take a break from work and study for it instead.

Living the Kathmandu life... something I never thought I'd see myself do.

And then the weather decided to add icy winds to the cold.  Which is how I found myself on the Kathmandu site this evening.  In search of proper thermals to replace the ageing set I was wearing under my flannel pyjamas.  As luck would have it, I managed to score some sale bargains.


These ultraCore thermal tops and leggings are usually $70 per item but are currently on sale  - $60 for two!!


They're made of a polyester blend that's meant to feel like cotton, according to the product information online.  The reviews are great and while I'm only planning to wear them in Sydney (but who knows, perhaps I'll need them for day trips in London sometime soon) under pyjamas, it's good to know they'll work under jeans and track pants too.  Hopefully they'll arrive soon, this cold snap looks like it's set to stay for a bit.

It's getting late, I'd best be off, then.

How do you feel about Brexit?

Are you in your thermals yet?


  1. The Brexit has been interesting, watching the result reactions on facebook has seen some very opinionated and sometime surprising reactions within my friend group. Will be keeping an eye on how it all works out.

    No thermals here in Queensland although it's absolutely freezing today as we've dropped into single digits. Lots of cosy layering going on!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Good tip on the thermals - I need some for the snow next month, so might check out the sale!

  3. I have been watching the reactions to the Brexit decision on the news and on Facebook...I have friends from England and they were surprised that so many were for it. I have a feeling we will have something simliar take place here in the States soon (I got a cold chill just thinking about it).


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