Jun 21, 2016

Coles Group Gift Cards. The Confusion Therein. Tuesday In General.

Now here's something that's a bit counterintuitive.

Did you know that Coles Group & Myer gift cards can't actually be redeemed at Myer online?  That's right, you can redeem them at every other retailer in the Coles group except the one that's actually on the front of the card.  Drat and double drat.  Drat because I had the best Jo Malone order lined up on the Myer site.  Sure it took me half an hour to navigate the site and sure I almost lost my will to shop  but I got there in the end.  Only to find that I couldn't enter my gift card number at checkout.  It's all a bit strange because the Myer store logo is listed on the back of my card as a retailer at which the card can be redeemed.  I'll get to the bottom of it soon.  Unfortunately, this may mean a trip to a bricks and mortar store with the added fun of finding a check out that's open.  Wish me luck.

The double drat is that I've been giving Coles Myer gift cards out with abandon to members of my team over the years assuming they'd be able to use the card at Myer as well as all the other retailers.  That being said, I have a sneaking suspicion that a medicinal shop at Liquorland or Vintage Cellars may well have been the default places for redeeming their cards, joy that it must be to have been working on my team for a term.


As an aside to the aside, it looks as if Jo Malone has reformulated the shower gel range of her range.  The shower gels are now 'Body & Hand Wash', there are fewer in the range (no longer one for each fragrance) but best of all, there has been a price drop down to $55 (still painful but not as bad as the $85 I think they were before).  It's not often you see price changes in the consumer's favour when it comes to fragrance which is why I am determined to get to the bottom of the gift card validation issue.

Not much else to report on today.  Just a day for getting through things that had to be done but with the bonus of lots of thinking / zoning out time as they got done.

I drove against the traffic this morning (no zoning out during the drive, I promise) back to the old hood where the parking is plentiful and the streets are wide.  There were errands to run and a swim to be had.

Then I had look at Kim K's shoot for Vogue Australia at the hairdressers whilst arranging some presale Wiggles tickets for Preschooler SSG and I.  The concert's December 17 which isn't as far away as it sounds.  Half the year's gone already and before you know it, we'll be onto double digit months.  I tried to read the interview accompanying the shoot but some things require far more brain power than I had at 2pm after a scalp massage and lunch.

I have news regarding Abe's Vegemite Bagel Crisps.  You can find them at Coles and they are still as deliciously addictive as they were the first time I ate them.  Eating them almost made me forget about those Lay's Baked Chips.


Have you ever redeemed a Coles Myer gift card in a Myer store?  Half jokingly, how long did it take you to find a staffed cash register?

Did I miss anything in Kim's Vogue interview?


  1. Lots of queues at Myer counters.

  2. and also I love wood sage and sea salt Jo Malone fragrance. I only wish they had it in an EDP rather than a cologne.

  3. Coles sounds a lot like Wal-Mart here. You're lucky if you see more than three lanes open and maybe one or two people assisting in the self-service lanes.....

  4. I end up spending the Coles/Myer cards at Target or Kmart getting clothes for the boys! Haven't tried to reedem them online yet. Good luck finding a way to use yours! I find the Australian department store sites really lacking, they make shopping online so difficult! I've only managed it once at Myer and it was a pain!

  5. Ooh I love Jo Malone and only wish that I had bought up whilst I was in Europe. The colognes are my favourite and have gotten the most use of late.

    And I’m sure I’ve told you that you’ve gotten me addicted to these vegemite bagel crisps! Soon delicious. I don’t really like vegemite, but these are so moreish.

    It feels as though Myer staff are there when I don’t need help, but when I do they are no where to be seen :(

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