Jun 5, 2016

Lovin' Life 5/6/2016: Squelching Through Stormageddon.

They're calling it our Stormageddon.

Five river systems in New South Wales have been flooded, parts of the Vivid festival have sustained damage from the rain and there's already been at least 249mm of rain on the North Coast this weekend.  We've been pretty lucky so far to have only suffered a mildly leaking roof and a huge backlog of wet clothes and the tumble drier puts in some serious overtime this weekend.  I hope you and yours are doing well.

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There's been minor flooding around where I work in the Inner West.  Fortunately, everyone on the roads this weekend have been incredibly careful.  We've slowed down to ten below the speed limit and kept a couple of car lengths between each other.  Even on major arterial roads.  And in the tunnel.  Who even are we, Sydney drivers?  Actually, we haven't entirely lost ourselves.  The local, partially flooded shopping centre carpark is where we've been returning to form.  I'm dreading the thought of attempting to find a park at Westfield after work today....

But I need to find a bagel product from Abe's Bagel Bakery.  Unfortunately neither of the two flavours of Bagel Bites that the non Westfield supermarket down the road from home stocks.


But rather these Vegemite flavoured Bagel Crisps my workmate put me onto last week.  Seriously, even if you're not that into Vegemite, you must try these crisps.  They're crunchy, they're salty and they've got umami.  At least my definition of umami.  I've seen people (also at work, the best source of cutting edge food hacks) eat them with a bowl of home made soup for lunch as well.  I've tracked this particular flavour down to Coles (thank you, Instagram) so my plan is to go after work and then head home to pack.

While it might also be raining (and thundering) across the world in New Orleans, at least it'll be doing so with the silver lining of 30C temperatures.

I've just got to put on my waterproof hiking shoes again this morning and squelch across the carpark to work and then squelch up and down a few fire escape staircases between floors of highly squelchable (and squeaky) lino before I'm free for the weekend.

Happy squelching wherever you may be doing yours!


  1. Vegemite bagel things eh? Might try them when I start eating carbs again....

  2. I'll keep an eye out for those next time I'm in Coles - like his Dad Toddler T loves his vegemite. I saw it on your instagram but reading about it here too has me intrigued!

    We got off lightly with the weather - but were able to stay indoors mostly. My sister's roof started leaking also, hope your insurance company is more helpful than hers! But otherwise no major issues.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. This rain is just insane. I'm glad it contained itself to the weekend. If I had to travel in torrential rain to work, I just don't know what I'd do.

    The umami flavour intrigues me! I think of soy rice cracker when I hear umami flavour. I'll have to hunt down these vegemite bagel crisps.

    Lucky you get to go on holidays soon!


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