Jun 13, 2016

News From New Orleans #4: #5KADA

The main reason I've been in New Orleans is to attend the American Diabetes Association's annual conference.  The last few days have been thought provoking, practice changing and perspective giving.  

I was also proud (on behalf of our nation) to note that Australian based research groups are leading the research into antenatal diabetes prevention.  Many of the big trials and their lead researchers are based in Australia (Queensland and New South Wales specifically) and it was an honour to have heard these world leaders present their findings.  We still face a massive uphill battle against the development of gestational diabetes and very high birth weight babies but at least we know some of the factors that are contributing.

Though we may constantly complain about Medicare and the public health system in general, as Australians, we remain extremely fortunate and privileged in the standard of health care that is afforded to us all.  Prognosis and quality of life improving interventions such as home based dialysis are offered at far higher rates in Australia than they are to Americans with end stage renal failure.

I'll get off my soapbox now to segue into some of the more fun aspects of the conference.

Bib pinned and race route reviewed last night.  #raceready

One of the most popular non academic events of the conference it is annual 5K fun run / walk.  Registration is open to all delegates as well as members of the public.  This year's starter numbers were a record for the event.

My friend and I left our hotel just after 6am and hit the docks in search of the run's starting point at the Aquarium of the Americas.

It was a beautiful sunrise and the cloudy skies held their rain for the duration.  We saw a cruise liner casually glide down the Mississippi, past a paddle steamer or two, the cruise liner's audio easily heard from where we were standing.

We warmed up to Whitney.  In the heat and humidity though, the warm up felt like a full cardio session on its own.

Stayed hydrated thanks to the on site mister machines.

And kept close to our chosen pace runners.

After a good hearted count shout down, we waved to the official race drone and began the run.

Speaking objectively and as a run novice, it was a sensational run.  There was just enough sun, the humidity was bearable and everyone was out having a good time.  The five kilometre route took us through the French Quarter which looked totally different without its usual make up on (ie hordes of revellers and colorful local characters on the street corners).

I wish I could have taken more photos along the run but I had a goal of making the run under 30 minutes.  In hindsight, though, it was probably a good thing I wasn't stopping every five minutes to Instagram my progress.  I got to simply run, breathe, rehydrate, look and feel.  Sponataneously and with vigour.  I ran past the statue of Joan of Arc whom I am sure gave me strength to stay the course.  Jackson Square and the graceful lines of St Louis Cathedral appeared to my right towards the end of the race and together they kept my breathing regular and my feet moving.  I'm talking about those five kilometres as if they were twenty but to my  mind I was running a kind of personal marathon.

And before I knew it, I got there with a time of 28:20.  Nothing fancy but a good effort relative to my level of training.

Speaking of training and run preparation...

Raising Cane's chicken strip meal.  That's all you need to know.  Raising Cane is a Louisiana based chain of restaurants that serve chicken strips and meals based on chicken strips.  There is also a Raising Cane special sauce that's a cross between ketchup and mayo with a kick of secret flavouring added.  Meals also come with coleslaw and a slice of Texas toast.  I'm going to have a hard time saying goodbye on Tuesday.

You can also get ketchup if you wish.  The nifty kind in a package you can either dip into or tear and squeeze.

I ran the run fuelled by last night's chicken strips and this morning's Chocolate Brownie Cliff Bar.  I'm also now suddenly hungry a good three hours after the run and the best hot shower I've had this trip.

Better get dressed then and find some brunch.  But what to wear?

Polo - RL, white skinnies - J Crew Factory.

White jeans?  Because it's not past Labor Day yet  and it's too cold to wear them in Sydney right now.

T - Loft, skirt - J Crew Factory.

Or a pencil skirt with a bright print?

I'm off to toss a quarter to decide.


  1. Congrats on the good time on the run! It sounds like a lovely way to see some more of the city too, even if you didn't stop for photos you did get to experience it from a different angle :)

    Both outfits are nice but that printed pencil skirt is my favourite :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. This is one of my favourite SSG blog posts ever xxx


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