Jul 4, 2016

An Electric Blanket and Other Non-Election Things From the Weekend.

Guess who got out of the right (and toasty warm) side of the bed this morning?

Sweater - Mix Apparel, necklace - Louisa Rose.


And it's all thanks to my new, whizz bang electric blanket.

Not only does it have dual control heating, the controls are even backlit.

The fanciness!  I wonder if it's all going to make middle of the night wake up calls a little more bearable this winter.

They also enable you to heat up the separate body and foot zones to different temperatures.  I know $129 is probably an excessive amount to pay for an electric blanket but I found this Target branded one very easy to set up and use.  The elasticated binding that you slip over your mattress is roomy enough to accommodate things like a mattress topper that you may already have on your mattress.  The whole blanket also folds up very easily and is washable (the remotes detach).

Where would I be without you, Target?  You always just seem to know what I need before I even realize it myself.  I only stopped off to see you for an extra blanket as well as more Thomas socks for Preschooler SSG and left with a trolley full of things I never knew I needed for the house.  You mind reader, you.

Preschooler SSG knows the Target game well... here he is with his own shopping cart and Thomas bed linen he took of the shelf on his own.
At least I didn't help myself to anything from the new Sleek MakeUP display.

In other shopping news from the weekend,

H&M finally opens in Bondi Junction this August (hurry up, Uniqlo)

and Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake is opening in the Chinatown end of the city.

Hopefully in time for me to be able to buy my birthday cake from them.  I'm a huge fan of Japanese cheesecake and could easily eat an entire one in a single sitting.  Which I'm sure I did once when I tried it in Singapore...

I revisited sweet potato toast on the weekend and it was a huge success this time around.

I took some wise advice and baked my rounds of sweet potato.  I set my convection oven to 180C and baked for half an hour on one side and then five minutes on the other.  A light spray of olive oil prevented my toasts from drying out.  Reese's Peanut butter, banana and honey was my topping of choice and dare I say it, I prefer this combination on sweet potato than bread.

Got cooking with Marmite on the weekend.  Jamie Oliver's Brown Windsor Soup With Pearl Barley is a perennial favourite at SSG Manor 2.0.

And this is our (my) favourite sesame oil.  Kadoya is a Japanese brand and its the most fragrant and tasty sesame oil I've tried.  It's perfect in salad dressings.  It costs around $9.30 a bottle from the Daiso at Regent Place.

My Daiso find for the day were these soap sponges.  Really handy for keeping soap dry in the shower recess.

It's shaping up to be another week of waterlogged weather for Sydney.  I'm glad that we had the chance to make the most of the sunny weekend.

The last day of term at swimming on Sunday.  It was so lovely to see how Dory-fied the team of instructors made the pool for the children.

Here's hoping we won't be swimming down the streets like Dory this week, Sydney.

Are you an electric blanket fan?


  1. I really need to source some of these soap sponges. My sapoderm has a habit of disintegrating in the soap dish.

  2. I confess to being a little jealous of your electric blanket! Especially after I went to bed last night thinking how relatively warm it was and how it must be getting warmer...The 4am baby wakeup reminded me it's still a freezing winter!

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