Jul 12, 2016

Cherries and Coats.

Hello, hello from day off Tuesday land.  Where life is looking and feeling decidedly less frantic than it was yesterday.  

Baked oats for the week's breakfasts.

I've been for a slow swim with the nannas at the aquatic centre, done a bit of meal planning and prep and whiled away a bit of time treading the lino at everyone's favourite and newly revamped retailer... good old Kmart.

Travel mugs.

Where there was lots to see and almost convince myself that I needed.

Multi use cake stand - $19.

And lots of other things that would normally only be available on Aldi special buy days but happily seem to be here to stay on the shelves at Kmart (for only a few dollars more than at Aldi).

A very glam slow cooker for $29.

As tempting as all of that was, I stuck to my shopping list and treated myself to a couple of punnets of cherries.  For some reason, the supermarkets are all stocking American cherries at the moment and $3.59 for 325g was too good to pass up.  Our own season isn't until the end of the year and I wouldn't have thought cherries could travel so well all the way from the US to here (look how well us humans deal with the flight) but there we have it and who am I to complain if it helps me get Preschooler SSG's daily fruit intake up to what established guidelines recommend it should be.

Oh, and that sea salt dark chocolate is pretty special too....  Love your work as always, Aldi.

Prince George's latest adventure.  Let's discuss.

Can you believe he's nearly a threenager three?  He's with mum and dad at the Royal International Air Tattoo.  I love the headphones.  In later photos, the prince's polo shirt is crammed with special visitor stickers and there may even have been a public meltdown involving dying swan tears and attitude.  Welcome to the club, Prince George and may the parenting memes that pop up on your parents' Facebook give them a laugh when they need it most.

I don't need much of a reason to go down memory lane through the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe but in case you were wondering, today's reason was winter coat inspiration.


This was by Catherine Walker and worn to touch down in New Zealand, April 2014.


And this purple beauty is by Seraphine and was worn in New York later that year in December.

And this is the coat I just bought from Jigsaw.  It was the purple (described by Jigsaw as more of a dark orchid) that caught my eye.   Very Duchess of Cambridge in Seraphine in New York but in a cut that's very Sydney Shop Girl out and about on the streets of Sydney.

It's the Ren coat and made from a wool and alpaca blend with horn buttons.  It's almost too glamorous and chic for the likes of me but at 50% off, how could I resist?  I've been looking for a luxe coat all winter and somehow everything in sensible black didn't quite look or fit right.  So I went with this purple and will see how it all goes in real life when it arrives.

Do you have a favourite coat?  Is it sensible black or in a statement colour?

Are you loving these imported out of season cherries we've been blessed with this month?


  1. That Aldi dark chocolate with sea salt is my daily treat at the moment. I break it up into tiny pieces, put it into a fancy bowl, and it takes me 30-40 minutes to enjoy every little piece of it.. :)

    My favourite Kate coat is the dalmation print one, I thought that was deeply gorgeous. But all her coats are gorgeous, the up money ones, and the not so up money ones.. :) I have never seen one I did not like and would not be thrilled to have in my own wardrobe.

    I would love that neon green outfit the Queen wore recently as well, but I'm wacky like that.. ;)

    1. That is discipline re the chocolate! I must track down the dalmation coat.

      SSG xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!!!!! Looking forward to the catch up.

      SSG xxx

  3. Your new coat is beautiful. Mine is black wool double breasted and a trench style. A good coat in winter is like a hug


  4. I'd love to wear a statement coat but i just can't go past black at the moment. Hopefully next fall/winter i'll be a bit braver. Would love a patterned statement coat.

    That coat is gorgeous! Purple, dark orchid, whatever you want to call it it's lovely!

  5. My winter coat staple is a black wool David Lawrence from about 15 years ago. I have worn it TO DEATH and still looks new. Amazing. I have others in many hues but always come back to the black DL. It has that bit if stretch which make it comfortable as well as versatile :). I do love your purchase. I think it is classic enough with a bit if a twist in the colour to stand the test of time. And as for the cherries, they get a big yes here as do the peaches and nectarines. I have a couple of fruit bats so love being able to break up the apples, oranges, pears and bananas routine.

    1. I have a favourite black wool David Lawrence that's about the same age too. It's amazing, still looks perfect.

      Always looking for new ways to break up the fruit routine too. Dried apricots have been a surprise hit.

      SSG xxx

  6. Kmart have some great things at the moment! My sister has been shopping there a lot furnishing her new place :)

    I really like your coat too, what a nice colour - always good to have a little more colour in your winter wardrobe but at the same time it looks really easy to wear :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. So many good ideas at Kmart right now and it's so easy to get what you want / need with the the way the store is set out.

      SSG xxx

  7. I always buy statement coats, living in cold Canberra it is the easiest way to brighten a dreary day. I tend to buy from Asos, great wool blends and fantastic sales.

    1. ASOS!! Totally forgot about them. Next time.

      SSG xxx


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