Jul 18, 2016

Nudestix and Cauliflower Rice.

My Monday morning was proudly brought to you by the following sponsors....

Fisherman's Friend lozenges for that scratchy throat that needed to get through 5 hours of talking without a coughing fit, coffee (of course) and ... Nudestix lip + cheek pencil in the shade Mystic.

I'm both loving and hating that this GWP I received with my Sephora order is working so well for me.  Mystic is a kind of plum that applies with a rich glossy finish on the lips and lasts for a good 5 hours on me.  I haven't tried it properly on my cheeks but apparently they can be used as a cheek stain.  Some variations of Nudestix are dual ended with a matching creamier shade for the cheeks.

The only downside I can see is the price.  $35 on the Sephora site and many of the shades I was interested in are currently out of stock.  Blessing in disguise.

Something that is plentiful right now is cauliflower.  My major cooking project for the weekend was to see if I could turn a $5 head of cauliflower into rice using The Minimalist Baker's how to guide.

It was a project that ended up being a little more complicated and messy than it looked on the blog post.. A recurring theme in my attempts to faithfully reproduce what I see on the home pages of the arty food blogs.  My food processor had to be unearthed from the depths of the pantry, given a quick clean and then put together again.  Then the cauliflower had to be trimmed and stray bits of it had to be swept off the floorboards and the benchtop.

We were finally ready to blitz the trimmed cauliflower quarters into rice.  Preschooler SSG was on hand to be chief button presser.  I think I overloaded my processor, half a cauliflower at a time would probably be more efficiently processed.  Half my cauliflower got over processed and ended up looking like mashed potato.

I was getting a bit nervous at this point.  Not just because Preschooler SSG was being so enthusiastic with his thumping of the cauliflower but because of that other time I tried to be healthily creative with a vegetable (sweet potato toast using  my toaster).

And then the resulting 'rice like grains of raw cauliflower' had to be blotted dry with kitchen towel.  I also put mine in the fridge afterwards for a few hour to get rid of as much moisture as I could.

The cauliflower prepped for dinner, it was time for lunch.  Which featured soup made from the vast collection of Oliver family recipes I found on Jamie's website with a side of thickly buttered plasticky white bread with hidden fibre and an extremely long fridge life.

Followed by an afternoon of keeping a slightly sick Preschooler SSG in good spirits with an assortment of indoor activities.  Including a round of 'what can you sell mummy for lunch?'.  Which saw me walk away with all this wooden food for the princely sum of one play money tenner.

We opened a special bag of cheese Chex Mix all the way from Dallas Fort Worth for afternoon tea.  Anything to promote calorie and subsequently fluid intake for the day, I reckon.

Dinner time rolled around soon after and I got cracking on the cauliflower rice.  It takes about 5 minutes to wok fry in a little oil.  I sauteed some garlic before adding the cauliflower and seasoned with a little soy and pepper at the end.  There are recipes where you can just bake your cauliflower rice but this takes around half an hour and considerably more oil.

As you can see, my cauli rice ended up looking like mashed potato.  I've always loved the taste of baked or roasted cauliflower so I was able to overlook the cosmetics.  All that preparation with the blotting and refrigeration ensured I didn't end up with soggy rice but I'm still a rice girl at heart.

Have you made cauliflower rice before?  What have you eaten it with?


  1. Yes, I'm a recent convert to cauliflower rice and mash. I used about 1/4 of the cauliflower and did it in the mini food processor - mine came out quite dry so it was easy to steam. I did the mash by cooking it in florets and then using the stick mixer with a bit of olive oil (I think it was a matt preston method) and it came out great.

  2. I was obsessed with mashed cauliflower for the longest time (loaded with butter and cheese so, er, not exactly healthy.) Damn i love the stuff though. But you've inspired me to give the cauliflower rice a go.

    1. Cauliflower mash! You're the third person to recommend it to me, JLT. It's a sign. I need to get onto it.

      SSG xxx

  3. I've tried packet cauliflower rice but found it bitter and overpowering. I do like cauliflower though so maybe homemade would suit me. How was yours tastewise? Good on you for making your own.

    1. Tasted a little like baked cauliflower which I love only the flavour was not as intense so was good with my chicken curry.

      SSG xxx

  4. I think a well placed Fisherman's Friend could slay an elephant at 20 paces! My goodness those things are strong. I did try cauliflower rice before, in a gluten free cooking class. It had pomegranate, celery, parsley, spring onions and a dressing made from maple syrup and vinegar and it was fabulous. We did it to go with a spiced duck leg. Bit of a faff to make though, I agree. I can send you the recipe if you're interested?

  5. I regularly do cauli rice. I just microwave it. Or pan fry it.


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