Jul 30, 2016

Serenity. Census Night. Bad Moms.

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The serenity.  I'm really feeling it this morning, Darryl Kerrigan.  I've got the first load of laundry going in the front loader, the bins have been emptied and the recycling basket is by the door ready for when it's warm enough to head out to the council bins in the back garden.  Did I mention I've even restocked the toilet rolls in the bathroom already?  You hadn't thought to ask?  Well, now you know.  We tackle the household chores with gusto here at SSG Manor 2.0 when the preschooler of the house is sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

The sleep in is still in progress as I type and so I've pulled out the fancy tea pot and loose leaf tea (T2s French Earl Grey) and am going to let my sleeping preschooler lie.

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Did you know that Tuesday August 9 is Census Night?  I was wondering what all the breakfast radio prank calls were on about this week.  This link to the ABS' FAQ page is really handy if you needed to find out more.  From what I can tell, we're all going to get letters in the post next week with a unique household code that will enable  us to complete the census online on the Tuesday.  You can also apply for a paper copy to fill in.

I'm feeling lucky, brave and optimistic which is why I'm just going online on the night.  You'd think that with at least 11 million of us expected to be logging in on the night that all our internet providers will be fully prepared for the pressure on their servers and that we will all have excellent wifi for the duration.  You'd think...  I'm sure it'll all be okay.  After all, if none of the telcos have crashed in the weeks since Pokemon Go has taken over our city then surely their cables and data tower things will be able to handle census log ins.

You know how it's going to be August on Monday....


Well. it's going to be an extra special birthday month for me because Bad Moms is due for release in Australia on August 11!!!  You'd better pencil that one into your diaries.  I've just confirmed my plans to watch Mila, Kristen and Kathryn give our stories the Hollywood treatment.

Will you be watching Bad Moms?  Planning a big day or night out to do so?

Don't forget Census Night either!!


  1. Oh I'm looking forward to that bad moms movie - although I may have to wait until it comes on netflix as baby is a little young to leave him for so long. In saying that I'll be leaving him tonight to head out for the first time - hopefully I won't be the blubbering wreck I was leaving his brother the first time!

    Will keep an eye on my mailbox for the census info too - don't check it as often as I should so this was a good reminder!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. My niece and I were doing Pokémon Go on Saturday while we stayed at the beach over the weekend. We actually met up with a few others that were playing also and discussed what we got so far. Our census is due in a few years. Hopefully, they will be on board with it being online and have prepared their servers with the overload.
    Bad Moms looks interesting, but I may watch it when it comes out on Netflix.


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